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Re: Crisis in Greece, the Euro Area and the European Union

Posted by moogirl:
I can only imagine what it would be like living in a place with 20% unemployment. We can only hope Portugal pays you back - they have a few hundred million US dollars borrowed from Spain.
I imagine that in any other country, 20% unemplyment would mean riots, general strikes and so. However, in Spain the labor unions don't work thanks to their members' fees, but to the money they receive from the government. So, when the government is ideaologically similar, they overlook things they would never accpet from a conservative government.

An example: I remember a general strike when I was 15 or 16 years old, while Spain was adapting its economy to enter the €. Unemployment in that moment was about 12%. Now, with 20%, labor unions have made just two demonstrations in the last 6 months: one against employers (many of which are struggling for not to close their companies and have to fire all the staff) and another supporting a famous judge accused of trying to prosecute the leaders of Franco's dictatorship when there's an amnesty law forbidding it. Nothing against the government that's provoked that rate of unemployment and tries to disguise it every month.

Madrid, March 11th, 2004. WHO DID IT?

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