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Re: The All-Inclusive HBP Movie Thread v.6

Originally Posted by iamwood View Post
Is the african-american Lavender wearing a ravenclaw robe? That can't be her then. She's always been a Gryffindor. In CoS the trio have many classes with her, i believe, which means she's a Gryffindor. So basically Cuaron screwd overlooked that. Oh well, I honestly didnt remember Lavender having ever been in any other HP films, and i doubt the general audience will be like "hey she's white, that's not right!" when they see Lavender
I don't ever remember JKR including in her storys what color skin her charectors have. I do remember though Lavender being in classes witht the trio, but that doesn't nessecarily mean that she's a Gryfindor. I do actually think that she is a Gryfindor though.

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