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Re: Arthur Weasley: Character Analysis

1) Is Arthur more of a father figure to Harry than Sirius or James? What does his treatment of Harry say about his character? Should he have made more of an effort to be a male role model for Harry or has his approach been 'just right'?
This question is hard to answer because I don't want to diminish what James or Sirius was to Harry at all. But in a way yes, I do believe that Arthur was more of a father figure to Harry, he just may not have always realized it. First off I want to say that James dieing to protect Harry was amazing. I think Sirius (as much as I love his character) saw Harry as more of a brother/friend as he saw James. I think he felt the need to protect and father Harry, but I don't think he always knew how as he had not grown up much himself...but that is another thread. I just want to justify the two of them and their role in Harry's life.

Now, Arthur did things for Harry and cared for him like a father would. The Burrow was a second (only to Hogwarts) as a home for Harry. Arthur warned Harry about Black because he cared for his safety. He took Harry to the Ministry for Harry's hearing. I thought this part was sweet and touching. I don't think in any way that he replaced James or Sirius, but I think in his own way he was very much a father figure to Harry.

2) Does he treat his children fairly? Is he too soft on punishments (the Ford Anglia incident springs to mind) or a needed balance to Molly's child-rearing methods?
I love this family, as if it isn't obvious enough

When you have a wife like Molly who needs to have a disciplinarian father all the time. I love that he is a softy with some things. But there are other times and I wish I could find the book references now, but times that he stands his ground when Molly his heated or fed up he steps in and is stern and respected. For me, he is one of those fathers that you can sit and joke with and goof off maybe a little more than you are allowed, but when it really matters he stands his ground and it means BUISNESS.

Here is just one part that popped into my mind:
DH, The Sacking of Severus Snape
Ginny did not seem to like the idea much, but under her father's unusually stern gaze, she nodded.

It seems that because he isn't stern often when he is you don't argue, you just follow.

3) How does Arthur's mania for all-things-Muggle affect his character? How does it affect his interactions with Muggles? He lives near a Muggle village and works in London, so why does it seem as though he has ignored opportunities to interact with them more than he does (he often seems rather clueless about them, though he worked in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts for years)?
Erm, I don't think it seems like he has ignored opportunities at all. I think he seems rather fascinated by all things muggle...not clueless. He is constantly wanting to learn from them and there are so many things that it takes times.

4) Before HBP, there was speculation about Arthur becoming the next Minister of Magic. That didn't happen, of course, but there is the future. Would Arthur be a good Minister now, or under other circumstances? He doesn't seem like a political climber, though he was promoted in HBP; would Arthur want/accept the job if chosen? Has he harbored political aspirations or a desire to rise through the ranks but been thwarted by the Pure bloods who consider him a Blood Traitor?
I was one of those that was a bit disappointed when Arthur did not get Minister of Magic. I love Shacklebolt, but I was rooting for Arthur. I think he would have been a wonderful Minister. I also like to hope that the whole "Blood Traitor" started to die down a bit after the fall of Voldy and as the pure bloods became more diluted, so I don't think that would have been a problem had he become minister.

5) What do you think Arthur chose to do after DH? Do you think he went back to the Muggle Artifacts Office or accept a higher position from Kingsley?
I agree with those that have mentioned already that he grew pretty high up in the Minister, probably working more with Muggle relations.

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