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Re: Arthur Weasley: Character Analysis

1) Is Arthur more of a father figure to Harry than Sirius or James? What does his treatment of Harry say about his character? Should he have made more of an effort to be a male role model for Harry or has his approach been 'just right'?
I think Arthur is definitely a more rational father figure than Sirius, and I think Harry understood and respected him for this.
He basically treats Harry as one of his own children - I think this approach was just right. Harry needed a paternal figure in his life - Arthur was one of the first to give him that and he did throughout the books.

2) Does he treat his children fairly? Is he too soft on punishments (the Ford Anglia incident springs to mind) or a needed balance to Molly's child-rearing methods?
Arthur and Molly function very much like my own parents - he's happy to leave most of the discipline to her although he can get pretty angry if need be (see: Ton-Tongue Toffee incident).

3) How does Arthur's mania for all-things-Muggle affect his character? How does it affect his interactions with Muggles? He lives near a Muggle village and works in London, so why does it seem as though he has ignored opportunities to interact with them more than he does (he often seems rather clueless about them, though he worked in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts for years)?
I think Arthur avoids interacting with Muggles because of the International Statute of Secrecy - specifically, he doesn't want to do something that would violate this. As for his interest in all things Muggle-related, I mostly see this as bringing a little comic relief to the story although it once again confirms his deep belief in wizard-Muggle equality.

4) Before HBP, there was speculation about Arthur becoming the next Minister of Magic. That didn't happen, of course, but there is the future. Would Arthur be a good Minister now, or under other circumstances? He doesn't seem like a political climber, though he was promoted in HBP; would Arthur want/accept the job if chosen? Has he harbored political aspirations or a desire to rise through the ranks but been thwarted by the Purebloods who consider him a Blood Traitor?
I'm not sure Arthur would be a good minister - I can't see him as being ruthless or driven enough to keep the entire community under control. I doubt he's ever sought the job or plans to - he seems to be the kind of guy who wants to be happy with whatever job he has and spend time with his family over social and job climbing.

5) What do you think Arthur chose to do after DH? Do you think he went back to the Muggle Artifacts Office or accept a higher position from Kingsley?
I imagine he may have taken a higher position for a while, but eventually he went back to his old job because he missed it. I imagine Kingsley was sad at first, but eventually he grew to accept it and gave Arthur a pay rise and a decent office (with a window).

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