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Re: Arthur Weasley: Character Analysis

Before I start I just like to say that Arthur is one of my favorite characters. . I love the fact that he is pureblood and yet he still wants to learn about muggles. That was very brave of him since it was "fashion" of that time for purebloods to mock muggles.

1) Is Arthur more of a father figure to Harry than Sirius or James? What does his treatment of Harry say about his character? Should he have made more of an effort to be a male role model for Harry or has his approach been 'just right'?

Yes I do seem him as more of a father figure than either Sirius or James. Molly treated Harry as though he was her own son so it is very possible Arthur felt the same way.

2) Does he treat his children fairly? Is he too soft on punishments (the Ford Anglia incident springs to mind) or a needed balance to Molly's child-rearing methods?

No. I remember him shouting at Percy for siding with the ministry. He might be soft at certain circumstances but concerning serious circumstances he is a very stern father. And I believe that he also needs to be more relaxed so that Molly and him could complement each other

3) How does Arthur's mania for all-things-Muggle affect his character? How does it affect his interactions with Muggles? He lives near a Muggle village and works in London, so why does it seem as though he has ignored opportunities to interact with them more than he does (he often seems rather clueless about them, though he worked in the Misuse of Muggle Artifacts for years)?

But I think everyone is rather clueless about muggles. But in Flourish and Blotts, Arthur quickly and excitedly greeted Hermione's parents. And we don't actually know how much muggle connection he has! They would think he is rather odd like asking questions such as "What exactly is a function of a rubber duck?" would raise serious suspicions.

4) Before HBP, there was speculation about Arthur becoming the next Minister of Magic. That didn't happen, of course, but there is the future. Would Arthur be a good Minister now, or under other circumstances? He doesn't seem like a political climber, though he was promoted in HBP; would Arthur want/accept the job if chosen? Has he harbored political aspirations or a desire to rise through the ranks but been thwarted by the Purebloods who consider him a Blood Traitor?

I think he would be a fantastic minister. Although I don't seem him as having that politician hunger, I think he is brave enough and just enough to compensate for that lack of "hunger".

5) What do you think Arthur chose to do after DH? Do you think he went back to the Muggle Artifacts Office or accept a higher position from Kingsley?

I would like to think received a promotion. But perhaps he stayed as head of the office if he had the option of having more control in the ministry.

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