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Re: Little Questions Answered v.21

Of all time. I don't think so. Surely there must have been witches and wizards who were very accomplished Occlumens over the ages. But there is no doubt in my mind that Snape was among the very best of them.

Snape was definitely better than Voldemort in Occlumency. Was he the best of his time? Probably, but I'm not sure. There was Dumbledore and then there are Unspeakables may have had training in Occlumency and there surely would be others in the WW who could have been accomplished Occlumens to match Snape. In Hogwarts, the Order and among the Death Eaters though, I think the only person who might have have been better than Snape is Dumbledore.

The man who, in my opinion, won the war against Voldemort for Harry Potter and the Light! Severus Snape!

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