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Re: What did Umbridge have against Harry in the first place???

I have actually wondered this too, why she felt the need to send the dementors after him. I think that she was brainwashed by Fudge, and she wanted power so she wanted to agree with him and believe what he believed, that harry was a delusional lier who was showing off just for the sake of it. I think this got so deeply implanted in Umbrdge's brain, that she felt the need to send off dementors to frame him.

i also think she wanted to prove herself worthy of the ministry, of the job she had. she said herself that she felt she needed to do something because no one else was, so she, who was the great, smart one, took action, while the actual minister couldn't because it would be more likely to leak out and for him to get caught. So she did what she accuased harry of doing, showing off. Even if it was only to herself (because the minister couldn't find out) she knew her abilities.

So I think that it is the combination of Umbridge being brainwashed, proving herself, and just the fact that she was evil and maybe was taking out some anger on harry.

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