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Originally Posted by Hinoema View Post
Excellent question, and a good thread.

Umbridge was sent to Hogwarts for a reason. The Ministry didn't like the fact that Dumbledore was educating the students about the reality of Voldemort's return- they wanted to keep the idea under wraps. Therefore, they had to both remove Dumbledore and silence Harry.

Her entire goal was, I believe, to intimidate Harry into silence so he would not cause disgareement with the Ministry approved take on events.
That was a part of it to be sure but her actions, right from the start, seemed to go well beyond what even a desperate politician like Fudge would have considered. Prior to the hearing it wasn't common knowledge that Harry could produce a full patronus, in fact the only ones who knew beyond the trio were Dumbledore, Sirius and Remus. Presumably Dumbledore may have shared this with other order members such as Moody, Kingsley and such but there's no way Umbridge would have known when she sent them that Harry was being guarded or that he would be capable of driving them off himself. In that respect her actions border on murderous intent.

I suspect that she was already somewhat imbalanced right off the bat and by the time she'd been appointed head she was what could be described clinically as a right raving nut job. She was obviously of somewhat mediocre capability judging by the way she didn't handle the twins escapades, Hagrid or the centaurs but by that point in the story she was so self deluded that she believed she was near invincible.

Her desire was control and Harry (and Dumbledore) were beyond her control right from the start.

Originally Posted by PotionA View Post
Yup I agree. Umbridge didn't need to have prior interaction with Harry to discredit him because she is a power hungry official who had gone to great lengths to further the Ministry's cause. Her rule at Hogwarts was to shove aside anyone and everyone who opposed, that is Harry, Dumbledore and their followers, and to establish herself in a position of irreplacable power.
Like I said she went way beyond a meer power hungry government official, had the truth been more broadly known of how Harry's (and Lee Jordan's) detentions were conducted, not to mention her apparent willingness to use an illegal potion and curse on a minor to whom she was in 'loco parentis' of I would think she'd have been arrested, even given the political situation of the time she'd have been at least removed from her position.

Originally Posted by Refinnej7 View Post
I think she just took her job a littletoo seriously in discrediting Harry. She says something to the effect of: "Everyone was talking about doing something, but I actually did something [with the dementors]!" And yes, I think she was trying to prove herself worthy of being senior undersecretary.

I liken her to Percy somewhat; they both want to do their jobs exceptionally, they just get the message mixed up and go overboard.
I'm hoping Percy won't end up as psychotic as that ... ahem ... person (I'd very much like to insert a word that would be censored here) because in some ways people like her are more dangerous than the likes of Voldemort. With him at least you know who the enemy is.

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