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Re: Harry and Ginny: Joint Character Analysis

The plot of Harry and Ginny's relationship is unique in the series. Rowling definitely had that carefully plotted since the first book.
1. Ginny is the first little witch Harry knew by name. Introduced (literally, not personally) to him at the King's Cross station.
2. Harry's first ever journey to Hogwarts, leaving London, was highlighted by the view of Ginny waving and running (to her brothers).
3. Ginny was the first one greeting him (indirectly) when he was back again at the station.
Basically the first book sets the plot: Harry will be back to Ginny when all is done in the series.

In book 2 several important hints were presented:
1. Ginny liked Harry (at age 11, it is considered a "crush", not "real love").
2. Harry noticed Ginny at the Burrows (bright brown eyes, like sunshine etc), but at the age 12, he certainly doesn't know romance yet.
3. Draco Malfoy remarked that Harry got himself a girlfriend, pointing to Ginny. Harry never denied this (compared to Harry saying "Hermione is not my girlfriend" in book 4).
4. When Ginny was taken into the Chamber, Harry felt that it was the worst day of his life. After reading the epilogue, we know that it was indeed the scariest thing befell Ginny in the whole series.
5. Harry saved Ginny from Tom Riddle's possession. He won her life back.

Book 3 has the least of Harry-Ginny because it was not quite relevant to the main story, but there are some highlights:
1. Ginny and Harry both were greatly affected by the Dementors, while others not.
2. Harry treated Ginny as his primary fan, and for a 13-year-old boy that is an achievement.

Book 4 starts the sidetracking of romance: Harry fell in love with Cho Chang. Ginny danced with Neville and behind the screen (known in Book 5) start dating Michael Corner.

End of Book 5 Harry and Cho Chang relationship was over. Ginny and Michael Corner broke up. Michael started dating Cho. Ginny dated Dean Thomas. Harry's feeling was not registered until Book 6, how he disliked Dean for dating Ginny.

Fast forward to once they actually are together into Book 7. The war separated them. Harry occasionally checked Ginny in the Marauder Map while wandering with Ron and Hermione. J.K. Rowling filled in that after the war, Ginny became a professional Quidditch player as Harry worked as an Auror in the ministry. After getting married, Ginny became a sport commentator. The family seems happy as Harry never thought about his scar again until 19 years after the end of the war.

Harry and Ginny took a gradual pathway to a true relationship. They still managed to establish own careers, before building a family. They can share laughs, stories, and supports to each other. It is quite a healthy romance and surely plotted to last long.

Love conquers evil.
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