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Re: Peter Pettigrew: Character Analysis

Would Peter have remembered that he had a life debt to Harry if Harry had not managed to remind him?

Dumbledore, in one book, I'm not sure which one, said that when one wizard saves another's life, a certain magical contract is created between the two wizard.

And I agree that Pettigrew, I'm sure, had the potential to be brave. I do not see, however, how he ever really showed his courage. He was really just a coward through the books. I don't see how he ended up being friends with the Marauders either. Although, they might have allowed him to stick around because they felt sorry for him. James and Sirius did have a heart--Lupin mentions in, I think HBP, possibly OotP, that he had no friends when he went to Hogwarts, so James and Sirius befriended him.

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