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Re: Peter Pettigrew: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by chparadise View Post
I think Peter had a fair amount of bravery - I just wouldn't classify it as "normal" bravery. He was friends with the marauders for almost 10 years, and while traipsing around at night and becoming an animagus, I'm sure he had to show bravery several times. Not to mention the transformation can go "horribly wrong", if I remember Hermione's words correctly. So it was brave for him to do that. And it was also brave (but not "right") of him to turn on his friends. I'm in no way excusing his behavior; I'm just pointing out that, in a way, it's brave to do what he did. I don't see it as cowardly. I just see it as a very different kind of bravery versus what we think of as "brave" normally.
I agree. Peter joined Voldemort initially, not because he was afraid of Voldemort, but because, as he says in PoA, there was nothing he felt he could gain by not joining. Peter stayed with Voldemort even when he was treated poorly before Voldemort's return because he would have been treated more "poorly" by wizarding society and sent to Azkaban. Peter consistently does what's in his own best interests - some of which requires bravery, twisted though it may be.


Not that he's important to the story or anything...

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