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Re: Peter Pettigrew: Character Analysis

I was thinking, JKR made Peter's inner animal a "rat". Often a rat is associated with being cunning and betrayal: "sly as a rat" and "ratting one out"; or an untruthful individual: "ratfink", or a negative character in general: "he is a dirty rat!"

It is like poor Peter had no choice but to turn out to be those things. On the other hand, there are also good connotations about rats being small enough to carry out chores and duties that other animals are too big to do - for instance in the series, he was the one that could press the knot and stop the tree. But those things are outweighed by the bad connotations that are usually attributed to rats.

I found myself feeling a bit sorry for the rat character Peter was given. JKR said that Peter had a vulnerable and insecure character and that together with his rat-like character just made him a tremendously marked character imo.

Thinking back on certain things in the series; I am glad Harry found that he had 'regret' at the end of his life and that both he and James would not have killed Peter for what he'd done. I understand Sirius and Remus wanting to do so (I would have felt like them myself) - but in a way, the character was created with an inner animal that destined him to be, in everyway, 'a rat'. It allows me to feel some empathy for his character under those circumstances.


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