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Re: Will The Movies Be Remade Years From Now?

Originally Posted by MsJPotter View Post
Not BBC, there's not enough money in the pot for BBC. I think it's moot anyway. WB I don't think would ever surrender/loan out/share, it's biggest money spinner to British TV.
As I mentioned, it depends on how the rights are constituted. Film rights do not necessarily imply rights to all screen adaptations, and unless JKR used rather poor legal counsel, I can't imagine why she would put all her potential "screen" options into a single basket (er... studio).

If she retained a lot of her options to the material, then it might not cost BBC Wales more to make a HP series than it costs them to make other high-profile internationally-distributed series. But we're talking decades in the future here, not the present.

Basically, unless someone here knows the intricacies of the WB contract, we don't really know what legal issues another adaptation might be up against. If JKR was shrewd in her negotiations, then WB might actually not have any rights or power beyond the films it has already made. And I really can't imagine WB retaining rights two or more decades out (which is the timeframe I'm thinking of as being most likely for a new adaptation).


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