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Re: Challenge Ten: DADA Class entries

Entry One

“Hey Kaylee! Wait up,” Sarah called as she caught up with her friend on the way to the owlery. “What’d you think of Professor Lupin’s exam?”

Kaylee’s eyes sparkled as she wait for her friend to catch up. “I thought it was the most fun exam we’ve had so far. In fact I wrote my mom all about it. Want to read it?”

Sarah took the letter that Kaylee handed her and started to read.

May 1

Dear Mom,

I can’t believe that the year is almost over! I don’t know how ordinary life back home will be after a year of fascinating things learned here at Hogwarts.

I think I did pretty well on my exams. One of them, my Defense Against the Dark Arts one, was the most fun and challenging one we had. My teacher, Professor Lupin, had us work through an obstacle course filled with creatures that we had to get past with the spells we’d learned. There were four phases of it. We were in a room that after each successful completion, a door would appear and take us to the next phase. And each phase got a little more difficult.

The first phase was to get past a hinkypunk. A hinkypunk can cause people to get lost forever in a marsh or bog. I didn’t want to take a chance on getting lost. You know my sense of direction. I used the first spell that came to mind. It was Petrificus Totalus. That’s a full body binding curse. I completely knocked out the hinkypunk and was able to move on to the next phase of the obstacle course.

The second phase was to get past a doxy. The doxy is a biting fairy and they’re quick and flighty. I knew I had to think fast to get past it. I first cast a Stunning Spell. Once the doxy was stunned, I still had to figure out a way to render it useless beyond just stunning it. So I cast a Vanishing Spell I’d learned from Professor McGonagall in Transfiguration and it disappeared. Success! The door to the next room appeared in front of me and I knew I could go on.

Phase three had me encountering one of Hagrid’s pets. At least I think it was one of his pets. Hagrid has a strange taste in animals and pets that he doesn’t consider dangerous or threatening. Anyway, this creature isn’t really a dark creature, but it does make an unusual pet. It’s a Fwooper. A Fwooper is a bird that when it sings can drive someone insane. Exactly why Hagrid has one, I don’t have a clue. It is kinda pretty to look at though. We had 30 seconds to successfully cast a Silencing Spell on the bird and get to the other side of the room before the spell wore off. I’m happy to tell you Mom that I got past it in 15 seconds!

The final phase had us facing a creature native to Germany. It’s an Erkling, a creature that likes to lure children off to eat them. Don’t worry Mom. I’m pretty sure that it wasn’t an actual Erkling because I don’t think that the Headmaster or Professor Lupin would actually have put us in danger like that. Anyway, we had to use stealth and cunning to get past it. We could use any sort of spells that we had – charms, curses, jinxes, camouflage, etc. But we had to be able to explain to what we did. I used a Jelly Legs Jinx and some camouflage to disable the Erkling and disguise myself so that I could get past it. I think I ended up looking like a walking tree.

Professor Lupin was very impressed with how well I did. I’ve got to say, that I’ve never had exams like this before! The state tests we took at home tested our knowledge of reading, writing, and math. Here, what I’ve learned will be things that I actually get to use in my life. I’m pretty sure that Daddy would have been proud of me.

I talked with some of the teachers here. And the ghosts too. They remember Daddy well. So Mom, even though I never got a chance to know him, I’m glad that he was a wizard and that I’m a witch. Because this world is amazing! A couple of the professors have given me tips to adapt to life in the Muggle world during the summer. And I’m going to try some of them. Though most of them are crazy and would do just the opposite that was intended. Instead of helping to fit in the Muggle world, they’d cause me to stand out.

Well I’ve got to go. Sarah is meeting me for dinner! I’ll see you soon.


“Your mom really likes hearing about all of the spells and things you’ve learned,” Sarah asked?

“Yes,” Kaylee replied. “My dad was a wizard and he died before he had a chance to tell my mom what he was. Mom knew he was different, but until I got my letter, she didn’t connect the dots. She loves to hear about my father’s world as it’s my world now too.”

The girls watched as Kaylee used a school owl to take her letter. Both were silent for a few minutes.

“Sarah,” Kaylee began softly. “I was wondering something. Do you think your parents would let you come visit me in Oregon sometime this summer? I don’t have a lot of friends at home and I’d love to have you fly out and meet my Mom and my grandparents and just to see where I’ve lived since I was a baby.”

“I might be able to,” Sarah replied thoughtfully. “My parents probably won’t mind. What do you mean by fly out? It’s it too long for a trip on a broom?”

“I mean on an airplane. It’s the way Muggles travel from one country to another without the use of magic. It’s sorta like a portkey, only it’s not as quick as one. But it’s the best way for wizards to travel around Muggles without drawing attention to themselves.”

“It sounds like fun,” Sarah admitted. “I’d love to visit as long as it’s ok with my parents.”

The girls linked arms and left the owlery, plans for their summer already in the making.

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