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Re: Bellatrix Lestrange: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by JohanT View Post
1. Bellatrix is often seen as the most fanatical of Voldemort's supporters. Why do you think it is that she has devoted her life and efforts so wholly to Voldemort? Could she have any romantic feelings for Voldemort?

Firstly, Bellatrix is not the only one of her kind. There are other prejudiced pure-bloods with as much, if not more, lunacy to accompany a murderous streak. From what we see, however, none of them are particularly up to par with Bellatrix's abilities as a witch. In short, none of them warrant her respect, for they are neither as powerful nor as psychotically devoted to the purifying cause. As such, I see her turning to Voldemort, a man just as mad as she is, and not to mention one far more powerful than her. It is not him, per se, who she is madly in love with, but the idea of someone like him, someone who relishes in cruelty and power just as she does. If they were on equal footing, I would imagine that she would treat him as an equal, but as they are not, he became her idol. I would even suggest that because Bellatrix has a built-in arrogant streak, characteristic of the Black family, she idolizes one in whom she sees herself, or, at the very least, one in whom she sees what she desperately wants to be. Branching off of this, whenever Voldemort deviated slightly from her ideal self, Bellatrix was highly bothered by it, as is shown in her "distrust" of Snape. It was not distrust, it was the concept of favoring a half-blood over a pure-blood, something Bellatrix would not expect in her superior self.
I agree with everything here. I think Bella's feelings for Voldemort are a perfect example of a narcissistic sort of affection, when you love someone because they remind you of you, or of who you wished you were. I also think that Bellatrix is not very happy being a servat, I think she would prefer Voldemort to regard her as his equal and put her high above the other Death Eaters. I never bought the idea that Bellatrix has a slave-mentality. To me, she comes across more as a leader and such an arrogant pureblood like her would not like to have to serve anyone (though of course, she enjoys serving Voldemort because she worships him).

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