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Originally Posted by ravenclawgrl
Ok, guys, this has happened to me before... if there is a thread like this, feel free to delete mine....

okay... my friends harryfantotheend and DarkMark90 and i came up with this strange theory that when Death Eaters die, they become Dementors. After all, they both share such a hatred to mankind...
I have the idea that dementors have some sotra "intelligence," hence a soul or certain individual personality. I don't think all of them are or think like one. Then, I wonder, liek Helhorn posted in her first post, how they are "created". They cannot simply exist. They have to have an origin, and coming from humans can be credible. Furthermore, can they be destroyed? Forever?
So the only think that I can came up talking about the Death Eaters is that once they die, their evil soul goes somewhere where they can be sorted, or maybe for their own will, to become a Dementor. So dementor could be the product of an evil soul with the mission of capturing good souls or destroying people with good souls or happiness. DE have an evil soul if they don't change their minds like Snape did. So, I believe they can't be destroyed (They are death already) but they can be sent back to whatever you may call it (hell? ) forever as they failed in earth they will not return as a Dementors....hmm

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