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Re: Fan Scripts: Harry Potter Remakes

Originally Posted by Half_Blood26 View Post
Wow I never really thought about a Remake of the movie before, but I Guess it would be a long time before it does though, say...2030/2040?
And I'll be the perfect age to write/direct etc.

Originally Posted by Half_Blood26 View Post
I don't have my book with me as a reference right now, but I will definately make a script, so expect one later.
Great! Can't wait to see it!

On a side note I cut Mrs Figg's scene in PS.
I wrote a draft of a scene to pout in OotP to cover it up.

OotP: Dudley DementedHarry sees someone walk out of their house. He shoves his wand in his back pocket. When level with the person, he realises it is Mrs Figg.

Harry! I haven’t seen you in ages. I should phone Petunia and see if she needs me to look after you.

Yeah. Er – Thanks Mrs Figg

I have a new rule: Not introduce anything that isn't explained my the end of the film.
Of course I won't pull everything out of PS,CoS,PoA,GoF,OotP and HBP and shove them in DH. It is only for the minor things.

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