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Re: How does Voldemort compare with other villains?

Ah, but Harry is constantly told by Dumbledore that he's very unusual.

Harry's early life was full of neglect and abuse, yet he turned out normal. Which is odd.
Tom Riddle's early life was full of neglect of sorts; he wasn't mistreated at the orphanage, but he was treated like every other orphan there. And he turned out to be a complete sociopath. Which is also odd.

I don't believe Riddle was born evil; I don't think anyone is born evil. But I think that he was perhaps predispositioned towards being a bit insane (from the Gaunts) and/or arrogant (from the Riddles). So as his powers grew, and he gained control of them, he took an active stand to not fade into obscurity by any means necessary. Sometimes you have to take drastic measures to stand out.


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