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Re: Music from different cultures + languages

Originally Posted by Hysteria View Post
As for foreign language I really love Rammstein even though I have zero idea what they're saying (I did look up translations but wish I hadn't )
Ahaha, same here. I actually can't listen to some of them anymore because of that. Mein Herz Brennt hasn't been ruined for me though, I still love it.

I love a lot of artists from different countries/languages. One of my top favourite bands is called Kent, who sing in both English and Swedish (and in one song, they have a part in french, from which I got the lyrics in my sig).

I also love listening to French bands, like Air and Les Cowboys Fringant and Phoenix (even though Phoenix sings in English, haha).

I also adore Sigur Ros, who are Icelandic. My Icelandic friend translated some of the lyrics for me and they're really beautiful (Hoppipolla makes me smile).

Another great band I love is DeVotchka, and although they're from the US, their music has a very Romani, slavic feel to it. Really beautiful stuff.


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