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Harry Potter and Indiana Jones

Since this is the spot where everyone discusses connections between Harry Potter and other books or movies, I'd like to share a revelation I've had, involving the possible origin of the word "slytherin" as well as the dark mark. The other day, I was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, and noticed two scenes which reminded me of Harry Potter. Both involve Indiana and Marian being in the well of souls (for those non-indiana jones fans, this is where they discovered the ark of the covenant).

First: At 1 hour, 9 minutes, and 50 seconds. Jones and Marian have been shut in the well of souls, and are trying to fend off the hundreds of snakes using their torches. The following dialogue takes place:

Jones: "Take this (referring to the torch). Wave it at anything that slithers."
Marian: "The whole place is slitherin'!"

This immediately caught my attention. I mean come on, where else are you going to come up with the world "slytherin." Maybe it's just a coincidence, though.

Second: At 1 hour, 12 minutes, 15 seconds and 17 seconds. Jones has just broken through the wall using the statue, and Marian walks through, only to see a multitude of skeletons, which frightens her. One of these skeletons has a close up of the skull, which has a snake coming out of its mouth.

Now, again, this might just be a coincidence, but the idea of a snake coming out of a skull is certainly frightening and plays in very well with the whole "snakes" and "death" deal. Who knows, maybe JK Rowling is an Indiana Jones fan

Any thoughts?

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