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Re: Severus Snape and Muggle Culture

Originally Posted by Rell View Post
I know that you guys are all very avid Snape fans, but would anyone be interested in expanding this to other characters as well? (I could start my own thread if necessary, but this one is already here...) I'm just imagining Arthur Weasley trying to puzzle out muggle society by watching old Star Trek episodes or Hagrid reading Anne McCaffrey's Pern books or Hermione devouring the entirety of the Library of Congress before even finding out about being a witch.

So if there is interest in expanding this thread or starting a new one, let me know
I'm not really interested in expanding this thread to other characters, although you can certainly compare anyone in the books to Snape or talk about his views of them. The whole point of this thread is to discuss Snape in an unconventional way since we can't do it on the Character thread in Ls.

And except for Arthur Weasley, there just aren't enough Muggleborns and others who were all that connected to the Muggle world in the books. Even Hermione distanced herself from Muggles more than Snape did, spending so much time in the summer and on holidays with the Weasleys. But I'm not that interested in talking about Hermione on this thread either.

ETA: Harry cared about his relatives (sort of) but he certainly never had much fun in the Muggle World, while we know that Snape did because he had Lily. Hagrid seemed to hate Muggles and slammed both the Dursleys and Filch (a squib). And frankly, I can't imagine Hagrid reading anything except the Monster Book of Monsters.

If someone wants to start a different thread modeled on this one, I'm fine with that.

I think if Snape had been able to talk freely, he and Arthur would have had some great discussions about the Muggle world. The trouble is, Arthur and Snape aren't in the same room for more than a few seconds in all the books. Snape couldn't be cozy with the Weasleys without possibly showing the memory to Voldemort and that would put all their lives in danger, since the Weasleys were considered Blood Traitors.


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