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Re: Inglourious Basterds

Originally Posted by lcbaseball22 View Post
Considering I mentioned the bar scene in the previous post I figured it was clear that was what I was talking about.
Sorry, you said "over milked the cow" so I assumed from that post you might be talking about the milk scene. I wouldn't call the bar scene unnecessary, but like I just said, it was annoying in a lot of ways. (Didn't you read the last half of my post? I think it was Tarantino's intention to annoy you with that scene, and I bet he would be overjoyed to know people actually fast-forward through it.)

PS. I'll just tell you now, don't try telling me a director who includes "I think this is my masterpiece" at the end of a film isn't pretentious
ROFL, who has ever denied Tarantino isn't pretentious? O_o

I guess you don't really get Tarantino or his fans at all. XP

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