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Originally Posted by freelantzer View Post
Spoiler: show
In the chicken fingers episode, Troy has an inappropriately named pet monkey that gets loose at the end. Is that the same monkey that steals Annie's purple pen in season 2? If so, that makes me love this show even more!
Spoiler: show
Yes, it is the same monkey!
Just goes to show how consistent the show is, right? A few episodes ago Britta mentioned how Jeff's socks match his clothes. (Remember Pierce's line "By the way, Jeff, I think your shirt's trying to get out of your pants"?)

I also heard that in Aerodynamics of Gender, Abed's you-know-what scanner foreshadowed the next few episodes. It says "confirm mom for xmas" and "build blanket fort." On the other side, it also reminded him of certain dates regarding Shirley (think of what the girls were shocked to discover Abed had been recording in Cooperative Calligraphy ).

But I completely understand why you are in love with this show. After watching the first season again and my favorite episodes multiple times, I've become more obsessed. It's one of the best shows on television right now, I'd say.


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