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Re: Community

So what did everyone think of this week's episode? I liked it, but mostly for the humor. It had a lot of comedic moments, such as:

Spoiler: show
  • Chang lurking on the bookshelf and everyone's reaction when they see him.
  • Chang's "Chang" puns.
  • Also Chang's slow clap!
  • "Why do I have to say everything I think? I wish my mouth was further away from my brain. I wish my brain had a brain."
  • "Pierce, if someone [something not too FF, but has to do with what happened in the Halloween episode (as if that hint doesn't give it away)], and they get to not remember that happen ... that's a gift from God."
  • Troy interrogating Shirley's ex-husband
  • "Kettlecorn? That's a funtime snack!"
  • Troy and Abed in the morning!
  • Quendra
  • Jeff's speech about how no one could possibly be as good as Rich and that no one can get any worse than Chang
  • Troy (even though he was absent in this episode ) pretending to malfunction and saying "That works everytime!" after
  • All the nicknames for students: Short, Russian Johnny Depp; Vince Vaughn but smells like fish; Anderson Cooper with a soulpatch and ponytail; Black Michael Chicklis/White George Foreman/David; Jean Claude Van-Overbite
  • Some other moment I probably forgot, even after searching to see what other fans liked

I also loved how they mentioned the lack of Latin American students! Fans have been complaining about that for so long. My only problem is that Shirley is actually pregnant. I was really hoping they would avoid that storyline.

I've heard a lot of critics complained about Jeff running in the rain. My only reply: do they not know Community?! That show makes fun of cliches whenever they possibly can!

Overall, I thought it was a good episode to start off the second half of season 2. It was definitely better than the Jack Black episode from last year.


Good news - Community has gotten more critical recognition, this time from Rolling Stone!
'Community,' The Most Hilariously Ambitious Sitcom on TVIf Night Court was the subterranean bad conscience of the Eighties recession, Community is the voice of our own brokedown moment. NBC has loaded its killer Thursday-night lineup with Buncha Losers comedies. The Office and 30 Rock are kicking ***, and Parks & Recreation is stronger than ever. But what sets these shows apart from Community is that they're set in the workplace, which means their lovable misfits have common goals and problems. Not so on Community. These nitwits have nothing in common. Nobody achieves anything. Nobody learns anything either, even though it's about college. Joel McHale, as the smarmy lawyer Jeff Winger, speaks for the group when he refuses to attend classes: "Jeff Winger never learns!"


That's why this is the first show ever to get college right. Everything looks unbelievably cheap and crummy. Has fluorescent light on TV ever looked so grim? There is no attempt at campus humor, no keggers or fraternity houses. Instead, the Greendale gang spends all its waking hours doing what most college students have always done with their time: aimlessly hanging out, waiting for the fun to start. Campus loafing has never been so accurately (or lovingly) depicted, as our heroes build their own imaginary world around dreadful puns and arcane in-jokes. My favorite moment is when obsessive-compulsive film student Abed says, "Black jeans? Nice try, Michael Penn!" You can't even explain why that's so funny without revealing what a loser you are.

That perfectly describes Community.


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