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Re: Inglourious Basterds

IB took me a few viewings for me to decide if I liked it. There are good actors and characters, but the fact they were nazis was what bothered me. I didn't like the shosanna-frederick story but that's not really a critique, overall the film was amazing. I'm glad waltz got an oscar. That laugh he did when he heard the mountain climbing excuse was sheer perfection. What I especially like about this is this film isn't action heavy, it's mostly dialogue.

Also, there is another way to look at the Hans Landa-Shosanna scene when he is investigating her background as to how she came to own a cinema. First, he mentions milk. Coincidence? Maybe. But second of all in the end he says "there is something else I wanted to ask you" and he made a serious face, the same look he gave at the end of his interrogation of the farmer in the beginning of the movie when he found out the truth. My friends don't agree with me as they chalk up his reaction to mere forgetfulness, but I disagree. How can this intelligent man "forget" something as important as an escapee? Therefore, I think Hans knew who she was from the beginning but when he mentioned that there was something else he wanted to ask, he paused for a good 10 seconds, perhaps realizing he could end the war himself since the 4 enemies would be in the cinema at once. Plus he knew about the IB, he even said at the end of the movie that he interrogated all of the forehead marked survivors. Hans Landa knew about the IB plan to blow them up.

If QT intended this, he is even more of a genius. IB is one of the best movies ever.

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