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Re: Stephenie Meyers' The Host

Originally Posted by Spacecadet View Post
There's no denying there were some plot holes and some hand waving in this movie, similar to some of what went on to twilight. But even though I hadn't read the book I still followed the story and wasn't confused at all. Where the issue came in is you don't have a lot of solid footing for the relationships. Melanie's relationship with Jared was done all in flashbacks and Wanda's relationship with Ian despite some flirting grew exceedingly fast. There wasn't a great explanation as to why he went from hating Wanda to falling for her. It was like someone flipped a switch and he was hooked on her.

That aside I still enjoyed the story, the world created and the acting.

So sad to hear this was the last film Roger reviewed RIP. You will be missed.
Ah. Haven't read the book either. Might check it out from the library though for the heck of it, and once it comes out on dvd, I'll check it out as well. Good to see that you enjoyed it though , flaws and all.

Definitely. He was such a good reviewer, didn't always agree with him review wise, but I liked how he took the time to explain why he didn't like the film overall.


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