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Re: Catching Fire

For my part, I enjoyed Catching Fire. I actually haven't read the book yet - I seem to be stuck in the pattern of seeing the movies before reading the books with this series, but from what I've read so far (just the first book), I'm inclined to say the movies are better than the books. Great performances all around, and very interesting story. The plan the tributes used to get Katniss to do what she did in the end was cool. The whole ending really made me want to see what happens next. I liked the fact that it was far less predictable than a lot of other things I've read/seen. Phillip Seymor Hoffman's character was one such aspect. At first I didn't trust him. I thought he was working for the president. It was only near the end when he convinces the president to clear the control room that I figured him out.
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I read somewhere that they are going to use CGI to complete the unfinished scene with PSH. I'm still saddened by his untimely death.
Man, that would be weird. I like the idea of giving his lines to others if possible instead of that. I too am saddened by his death!


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