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Re: Survivor Cagayan " Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty

I was glad to see Spencer win immunity but really sorry to see Tash get voted out. She was a good player and a nice person, too. Spencer has to keep winning immunities in order to stay in, since there would be no reason to take him to the end. The best final tribal would have Tony and Spencer because then the winner would be a little hard to guess.

Tony has played a good game and I think that there are enough people on the jury who will vote for him. Most of the jury was burned by Kass when she flipped and not Tony. TJ would be the exception. The previews hint that Tony might try to blindside Woo. I could see him doing that in order to take Kass to the end, since Tony is a bit paranoid. But it doesn't really matter who he takes to the end since only Spencer would have a chance of beating him, and I don't see any scenario that includes both Tony and Spencer at the final tribal council.


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