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Re: Survivor San Juan Del Sur "Blood vs. Water 2"

an extra trip to tribal would have been interesting, but I think jeff made a good bargain. Basically starting from scratch. Of course the played up the rain issue since they lost their tarp but whatever. And sorry I dont agree with the arguement that they should have just waited till the challenge cause they might get food. 1.) a reward of food isn't a guarantee 2.) who said they would win? and 3.) challenge food rewards gets you through one day maybe two and then you are back where you started. I think making the trade for rice was a good idea. Especially since 3 members of the tribe werent responsible for the problem and 4 people are sitting on the other tribe scott free of what they did.

As for the vote off, it was kinda anticlimactic... I cant wait for the merge to shake things up again.

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