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Re: Gilmore Girls v.2

So, this thing is called (right now) "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life." And they brought everyone back that they could. Sookie and Jackson. Mike, Kirk. Babbette. All three men/boys who lusted after Rory plus Logan's crew. Our power couple of Fastidious Freak-Out (Paris and Doyle). Laine and her entire band (somehow Keiko Agena has aged the least in the entire cast. How in the WORLD is that possible??? ).

No official sighting of Miss Patty (though the actress has been looking ill lately). No Digger, no Max, No CHRISTOPHER. Praise be!! Although, I think they might be hiding him in reserve.

No Headmaster Charleston or Taylor or Mayor. Mayor might be deceased, but the other two are still around as far as I know. No official sighting of Gypsy. No Dave.

Still a pretty full boat. I will try to keep my gripes that they waited too long on this to a dull background muttering. Hopefully Ed Hermann is smiling down on this little enterprise.

But apparently Patty is there, even if there aren't leaked pictures of her on set.

Dean 1 episode. Christopher 1 episode. Doyle and Paris 1 episode. Tristan's Girlfriend 1 episode. No Tristan. What? Why? Why Christopher? Why Tristan? Why Tristan's girlfriend? What???

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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