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Re: Australian Blur


Chapter Two


The house was small and white with rustic red shutters, and it was extremely out of place compared to the houses around it. There was a beach behind it which sprayed bursts of salty air in Hermione's face with a little help from the wind. She had been standing in the sand, in front of the gate to this house for nearly an hour. She couldn't bring herself out of the memories she was having. Both her mother and father, the two people who no longer remembered their only daughter, who she sent away so they would be protected, were in the house she currently stood in front of.

Will they be scared of me? She wondered. Will they believe me? What if they call the police?

All of these thoughts were running through Hermione's head. Now was a time she definitely wanted Ron by her side. She probably would never have moved any time soon either if it weren't for two extremely happy, familiar faces walking out of the house arm-in-arm. They almost didn't notice her, but at the sight of her parents, Hermione gasped. The curly haired, tall and thin man who looked like he was close to his fifties or more spotted her.

“Can we help you?” he asked, stopping the just as old, mousy brown, bushy haired woman walking with him. He wasn't firm, but curious about the stranger on his property.

“I– er – I,” was all Hermione was able to spit out at the surprise of her father noticing her.

“Oh, Dennis, you've frightened her!” Said her mother.

Besides the one year of separation between the three of them, her parents were very much the same. They had the same smile, laugh, wrinkles by their eyes, and healthy faces. The only difference was the slight Australian accent they carried and their slightly darker skin.

And me. Thought Hermione. They don't have me.

"I'm sorry to bother you,” Hermione said quickly, not sure of what to do now. “My name is Hermione Gr– Hermione.”

“What a lovely name!” Her mother expressed after a moment's silence. She ran up to the gate to unlock it and welcomed Hermione onto their yard. “How may we help you?” She smiled back at her husband, her red lipstick making her smile warm and beautiful.

“I have something important to tell you,” Hermione said honestly, wanting her parents back as soon as their memory would allow them to.

“I'll call Robert and his wife, Jean. I'll tell them that we'll meet up with them for dinner instead.” Dennis said to his wife, retreating inside of the house and leaving the door open for Hermione and her mother to come in. This was exactly the reason why Hermione sent her parents away and wiped their memories entirely of the magical world. They trusted everyone too easily and would talk to anyone with a question. The thought of a Death Eater walking up to her parent's gate made her sick and she felt better about her decision as she followed Jean into the house.

The house was small and tidy on the inside. Hermione's heart broke as she passed the pictures she used to be in, and a few new ones she was supposed to be in. There were pictures of Dennis and Jean exploring all of Australia all the while they had been living there. Australia was supposed to be the Granger family's next summer vacation, but with the war at its peak, Hermione was not able to attend this extended vacation.

Jean gestured for Hermione to take a seat on the floral couch that Hermione recognised as their sofa from their home in England. It was still just as comfortable as it was the year before. As a matter of fact, the entire home still had the comfortable feel of their English style house. It made Hermione miss the year away from home, but she smiled and took the cup of tea Jean offered her after making a run to the kitchen. It was cold tea, something the Grangers weren't used to, but with the Australian weather, it was surely enjoyable.

“So, Hermione,” Jean said her name with a bit of excitement. The recognition in Hermione's name on her mother's lips made her smile.

Maybe this will be easier than I thought. Hermione thought, taking another sip of the un-sweet tea.

“What brings you to our humble abode?”

“It's a bit of a long story I'm afraid.” Said Hermione, holding her teacup in her lap to keep her hands from shaking. A bead of sweat dripped down the side of her face, not only from the unexpected heat of Australia, but her nervousness as well. Dennis came and joined Jean on the other sofa and wrapped his arms around her shoulders before placing a small peck on her cheek. He smiled at Hermione as he waited for her explanation for intruding on their prior plans. When the couple didn't say anything back to her, she exhaled loudly and looked right at her mother, thinking that the connection between mother and daughter would help her explanation connect with them much faster.

“My name is Hermione Gr-Greengrass," she thought automatically remembering her plans from before. "I've come to inform you that I've found your daughter.”

Hermione's plan was simple enough. The couple may have their memories erased, but there was nothing Hermione could do about the scars that showed Jean Granger had given birth before. In their memory modifications she was able to erase their memories of her, but they knew they had a daughter somewhere out there. Unfortunately, they thought their daughter was abducted years ago shortly after giving birth in the hospital. Hermione only thought of that just in case here parents were discovered by Death Eaters, they could come up with a plausible story other than, "We don't have a daughter." She had done a bit of reading beforehand and found out that abducting babies with magical abilities born from Muggles was a fad right around the time she was born.

Dennis looked at his wife immediately, searching for some sort of reaction out of her. As far as they knew, no one besides the two of them and a few private investigators knew they even had a daughter.

“I'm sorry, young lady, but I think you have the wrong family. We do not have a daughter,” Dennis' voice was firm, a tone that Hermione wasn't entirely familiar with from her gentile father, but she could tell he was lying.

"I work for the Child Protection Service in England where we finally got a hit on your daughter, Mr. Granger." Hermione said with an amount of authority that would help them believe her. It hurt that they didn't recognise that she looked exactly like the pair of them for them to question whether or not she was their daughter, but she supposed it was all a part of her spell.

"You found her?" Jean piped up, her voice distraught. "You found my baby girl? Where is she?"

Hermione felt guilty, but she continued on with her story.

"She's back home in England waiting to meet her real parents."

"How did this happen?" Dennis asked while trying to relax his anxious wife. He wasn't entirely convinced. This made things harder for Hermione than she would have liked. "Where are the people who took our baby girl?"

"They died," Hermione said flatly. "She didn't know she was abducted until after a car accident took who she thought was her parents. She then found out what had happened and decided to search for you two. She wants to meet you."

"Did you hear that, Dennis? Our baby girl is alright and she wants to meet us!" Jean was in tears now, but she was extremely happy and relieved by the news. Hermione grinned sheepishly as she waited for her father's reply. She didn't expect them to react this well.

Perhaps I won't be staying here long after all, she thought happily as she watched her parents speak in hushed tones before her.

"You're sure she wants to meet us?" Dean asked Hermione with a warning glare. She nodded her head. "What are we going to do, Jean?"

"I don't know," his wife replied sadly for the first time. Hermione's smile fell and she grew confused as to what had suddenly happened. "Our lives are here now, and I'm sure she has a life of her own. What if she doesn't like us?"

"I just opened up on my practice a couple of weeks ago. I can't leave without any notice or at least trying to find a place in London. What if she's not even our daughter?" He directed this question towards Hermione now. She jumped in her seat and struggled for an answer.

"We've already matched everything up! She's eighteen years old. She turns nineteen on September 19..."

"Do you have a picture of her?" Jean asked, looking at Hermione with hopeful eyes. Hermione cursed inside her head. Out of all the things she planned and all of the other things she had thought of, she never thought about bringing a picture. It was a simple enough task to get a picture of some girl, as long as she looked somewhat like the two adults before her of course, but she simply just didn't have one that wasn't of herself.

"I'm sorry, no." Hermione said, worried that would effect their answer. She was right.

"Then I'm sorry, but until we see a picture of our daughter, we aren't going anywhere Miss Greengrass. We've met with a dozen other girls who the agency thought was our daughter and we're tired of the rejection once we meet up with the young girls. That's why we're in Australia now. They thought they found our little girl somewhere up here a little over a year ago. We packed up and moved all the way over here for that young woman, but I would assume you know the results in that."

Hermione's heart sank. She needed them to come with her to England. There she could restore their memories and they could forget about this whole useless story and be reunited again.

"I can assure you this young woman is your daughter, Mr and Mrs. Granger." She tried once more.

"Please, Hermione," Jean said gently, "just show us a picture. I'm sure that if we saw her first before traveling, we would just know that it was our daughter." Tears were streaking slowly down her face and she was holding her husband's hand. Hermione wanted to cry as well, but she didn't want to explain why when she did so, so she took a deep breath, stood up, and set her tea down on her table.

"If I get you a picture, then will you go with me to London to be reunited with your daughter?" she asked, hiding the lump in her throat very well.

"Maybe," Jean said, eyeing her husband for a better answer.

"Our lives are here now, and we're getting very old. As much as it pains me to admit it, but she is probably old enough to where she could do without us if she really wanted to. We'll have to think about it."

Much to Hermione's satisfaction, Jean didn't look too pleased with her husband's decision, but she didn't pry either. She would have to wait and see if her mother would talk to her father about it while she was gone.

"Then I will get you a picture as soon as I can," Hermione said stiffly and then shook her father's hand, wishing desperately to dissolve in his large, fatherly arms with a hug.

"Thank you, Miss Greengrass," Jean said, leading Hermione back to the front door to show her out.

"I'll just call Robert and tell him we can make a late lunch now if he's up to it," Dennis called from the back of the house.

"I know this is your daughter, M- Mrs. Granger," Hermione said as she exited the door.

"I really hope it is," Jean said, a small smile on her face and then she said her goodbye just before shutting the door with a small click.

When Hermione was far enough away from the house, she found a park bench to sit at and cry. Her own mother didn't even recognise her! She thought that maybe, after her name attracted so much attention, her mother would remember her daughter. That, however, was wishful hoping, and Hermione knew it. This trip wasn't going to be easy, and even Ron warned her about it before she left. She was beginning to regret her decision on not letting him come, but she really needed this time to herself, too. After a year with two boys and a battle of the century, she really needed some personal time off. She missed her friends like crazy already, but she would have to make do. After all, she is Hermione Jean Granger, the strongest and brightest declared witch of her time.


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