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Re: Australian Blur


Chapter Three


The key with a tag which read the number 8b on it was tossed on the table next to the door. Hermione's plans to boost her parents' memories didn't exactly go as planned, but she hadn't expected the first attempt to work either. Nonetheless, she gathered what few Galleons she had left and found the nearest pub. Fortunately enough they accepted her money, but she would have to convert her money the next time she made a payment.

The owner seemed to be a Muggle, but her husband was a wizard so the the pub was littered with Muggles and magical folk alike. Hermione was reminded of the rules while in the presence of Muggles (which honestly wasn't that much different than those at home). When she finally got a full glance at her new apartment she grimaced. Surely even the small amount of Galleons she paid could have gotten her a better room, but the room was small and pathetic.

A bed meant for a single person was against the far wall with a thin blanket stretched over it, and a few chairs that looked like they would cave in under Hermione's thin frame were scattered around the room. The only other room besides the one she stood in was the bathroom (which had no door). The Leaky Cauldron was much better than this place. Hell, living in a tent for the last year was better than this place.

There was a couch big enough for two in the middle of the room and Hermione decided to sit on it to relieve some of her stress. A cloud of dust flew all around her and she began to cough and fan all of the dust away. She already had her wand pulled out before she remembered she wasn't allowed to do magic.

“Bullocks!” Hermione cursed to herself. These living arrangements were going to be harder than she thought. She decided she would rest for a little while and clean up before going out to buy some new clothes. The plan with her parents may not be working out like she thought, but she may as well enjoy her time alone and tour all of what Australia had to offer. This pub was definitely not giving off a good first impression, however.

Before getting too comfortable (which was something hard to do in this place) Hermione decided writing a letter to Ron would really keep her mind off of things. In her purse full of the few belongings she brought, she pulled out a parchment, quill, and ink. The materials were spread out on a side table before her and she began writing.

My Dearest Ron,

I have not been here for twenty-four hours and I am already missing you unbearably. I think I may reconsider your idea of coming to visit me. I talked to my parents today, but they didn't believe me. It is no surprise to me, but it was still heartbreaking to see that they did not recognise me as their daughter. How is everything at the Burrow? Are Harry and Ginny fairing well? It is so unbearably hot here –

She stopped writing as soon as her last sentence came out. It was unbearably hot in the room, but she spotted no sign of an air conditioner. She wiped the sweat from her brow and contemplated between finishing her letter or going to take a shower. She chose the latter and left the unfinished letter on the table.

The shower looked no better than the rest of the apartment. In fact, it had yellow stains and brown rings all around the porcelain interior and when she turned the knobs to turn the water on, it came out brown and in thick spurts.

“Bloody hell,” she mumbled under her breath. If she could use her magic, she would fix this immediately. She though about grabbing her wand to do so (who would really arrest her for fixing the water pressure?) but thought better of it and decided the water was cool enough to step in it for a few minutes and not a moment longer.

Thoroughly disgusted with herself after taking a shower in brown, mucky water, Hermione stepped out of the cool walls of the shower and into the equally as disgusting bathroom. She had to get out of this place soon before she realised how much she despised herself for the whole idea of living here. Clothes shopping was the only thing to do right now that absolutely had to be done, so she grabbed her charmed purse and headed out the door (hair still very wet).

By the time she made it to a shopping centre, it didn't matter if she left the apartment soaking wet. The sun was so blistering hot that her hair dried within minutes of leaving the hell hole she would be inhabiting for the next several months. Hermione was rather grateful for the heat at the moment, however. All of the girls that looked to be around her age were clad in incredibly tiny shorts, decorative tops with matching shoes, and enough make-up to pass for a tart. At least with her hair dried and pulled back, Hermione somewhat fit in (minus the tart look).

“Victoria's Secret?” Hermione read a sign above her out loud with a bewildered expression. She had never heard of the place, but by the looks of it, the store provided plenty of options in bras and panties.

New underwear couldn't hurt. Hermione thought, falling captive to the bright, beautiful varieties of underwear the plastic dummies wore. After all, she desperately needed new clothes in all areas.

“What can I do fer yah?” A tall, blonde woman, no, girl, offered Hermione. She was incredibly tan, which made her hair look out of place, and she had charcoal black eyeliner circling her bright blue eyes. Her smile would have been friendly enough, but she was smacking a piece of gum around in her mouth. She, like the rest of the girls shopping around, wore a pair of cut-off shorts and pink flip-flops. The only way to tell her apart from the shoppers was the bright pink top she wore (that showed off far more tanned cleavage than necessary) with a name tag that read: Hi My Name Is: Miranda.

“I'm just looking around, thanks,” Hermione answered hurriedly. She blushed and then turned around to leave the Miranda girl to help some other customer. Never having gone to a place like this before, Hermione was a little embarrassed. She saw things that would work perfectly fine under everyday clothing, and then she saw things that she knew Ron would beg on his knees for her to wear. With Ron in mind, she moseyed over to the lingerie section.

It wasn't until she was looking at an astonishingly tight, see-through undergarment with purple lace and fur did she see him.

At first she thought nothing of him, but the man who was now skimming through a rack of lingerie had her fully aware of his presence. His hair was a dark, sandy blond with a few unnatural blue and red streaks in it. It looked almost unnatural, but if in the right light, very realistic. He was incredibly dark too, due to the years of hot, Australian sun beating on his back for the last Merlin knows how many years. Whoever this man was, he was most definitely hot! Hermione thought everything about him looked as though he were born and raised in Australia, which meant he was everything opposite of the typical Englishman (or just Ron). From his almost realistic, blaising fire hair and leathery, dark skin, to his muscular body and strong stride, Hermione was certain he was born and raised in the hot land of Australia.

After (what must have been far too long to openly admit) staring at him, she began to wonder what he was doing here in a woman's shopping store. After all, it wasn't customary for a man to be looking at woman's underwear. Then he spotted her. His green, flickering fire eyes found her out of all the other girls in the store.

Wait! Flickering fire? she thought and took a double-take. No, there was no fire in his eyes. It must have been a trick in the light. A shiver ran down her spine as she noticed he was now beginning to watch her with a charming smile on his lips. He is shopping for his girlfriend. Hermione reasoned with herself, trying to focus on the lingerie before her. There is nothing wrong with a man wanting to buy his girlfriend a little treat.

Wondering about her 'little treat' Hermione took a look at the price.

“Ninety-eight dollars!?” She said aloud, attracting the attention of a few other female shoppers around her. She apologised quietly and looked around to see if the man from earlier heard her, but he was no where to be seen. She reached into her purse and pulled out a few Galleons, knowing full well that a Muggle store would not take her money. What had she been thinking?

“They don't accept that sort of currency here,” a deep voice from behind her laughed in her ear. Hermione jumped and tightened her fist around the Galleons before turning around to see the same man from moments ago standing behind her. He still wore his charming smile and his eyes widened in surprise. “Whoa there! Didn't mean to startle yah!” he said, throwing his arms out to catch her by the elbows so she wouldn't fall over.

“How do you know what this is?” Hermione asked, her defensive side coming out before she even realised it. Who was this man?

“Why that's a British Galleon, is it not?” he asked, never once breaking his smile, but his voice lowered so no one else could hear him. “Don't worry, love, your secret is safe with me.” He winked, causing Hermione's heart to beat quickly in her chest. Her grip on the Galleons lessened and she dropped them back into her purse. She suddenly became more aware of what he had caught her doing and she turned a bright scarlet colour.

“I was just looking around,” she muttered, wishing more than anything to be somewhere else.

“Yah fancy this purple one?” asked the man, reaching behind her to pick the lingerie from the rack and dangle it before her. “I can get it for yah if yah'd like.”

“Oh, no!” Hermione said hurriedly, reaching out for the purple undergarment quickly. “I was only looking...”

“Is it for the boyfriend then? 'Right then, you can pay me back later!” he pulled the garment out of her grasp and gave her one last look before asking, “You sure this one's the right size? It looks a bit big.”

When she didn't say anything, he shrugged and headed for the registers in the middle of the store where Miranda seemed to be waiting for a purchaser.

“Ello, Miranda! I'd like to purchase this for the girl here,” he said, nudging his head in Hermione's general direction. Hermione bowed her head, not bothering to look up in case Miranda pointed out how red she was.

“That's ninety-eight dollars, Hades,” Miranda informed him. There was something in Miranda's tone that suggested she knew the man buying the lacy garment. When she called him Hades, Hermione's interest spiked and she walked up behind him.

“Here is ninety-eight dollars, Miranda. If you wouldn't mind, I think she would like a paper bag so no one will see it.”

“Of course,” Miranda said cheerfully. Hermione had a feeling that it was because of Hades' presence. Her conclusion was proven correct when Miranda caught a glimpse of Hermione and glared at her from behind the counter when Hades wasn't looking. “Here you go. I hope it fits,” Miranda was now directing her comments toward Hermione. “It looks a bit... snug.”

“You're the best, Miranda,” Hades flashed a toothy grin at the saleswoman and turned back toward Hermione. “I can help you carry this home,” he offered.

“I think I can carry it back on my own,” Hermione said indignantly. The man may be cute, but he was beginning to blindly insult Hermione.

“May as well let me carry it back for you; we're going to the same place.” He threw the bag over his shoulder and held the straps by the tips of his fingers.

“How do you know where I'm going?” Hermione asked, her temper rising. She actually wasn't done with her shopping, but she also had no money that would buy her anything, either. She was stuck in a rut and didn't know which way to go, but she knew one thing for sure, and that was how Hades was beginning to seriously creep her out.

“I followed you really,” Hades said, shrugging like it was no big deal. “Not in some creepy, stalker-ish way, by the way,” he added, noting the look on Hermione's face. “You were leaving the pub I live at and after some time following you, I realised we were both heading to the same place.”

“Really? You were going to Victoria's Secret?” Hermione said, raising an eyebrow and giving him a skeptical look.

“No,” he said truthfully. “I actually wanted to grab a bite to eat across the street, but I don't have anymore money.”

“Why did you follow me in here, then?” Hermione asked, realising that she was taking bigger steps just to keep up with him. Even though he answered her questions and she thought he was definitely a creep, she couldn't help but think he was also somewhat charming.

“I saw a pretty girl in front of me and lost all train of thought.” He flashed a smile at her and winked. When they were outdoors, his hair really seemed to have the illusion of being on fire. No doubt about it, this man was a wizard.

When they reached the pub and climbed up the stairs, Hermione had already learned that his name was most definitely Hades, he's living in the pub for the summer because he is on vacation, and he will be going back to Sydney once the summer is over. Hermione wasn't so keen on sharing as much information, but she did tell him that she was here visiting her parents.

“Is this it, then?” he asked, looking at the door that read 8b on it. Hermione nodded and reached out for the bag he ended up carrying the entire walk back. “Aren't you going to let me in?”

“I'm not sure if that's the best idea,” she said skeptically. Hades seemed to be alright, but Hermione could recall many people who seemed to be alright in the beginning and turned out not to be in the end. Besides, she didn't exactly trust anyone named after the god of the Underworld.

“I promise not to be a pest.” He stuck out his lower lip and made it quiver slightly so Hermione would fall for one of the most pathetically sad looking puppy-dog pouts she has ever seen.

“Alright! You can come in, but my parents will be by any minute to see me,” Hermione added the last part so he would not feel the need to stay long. She didn't exactly trust him yet.


If half the things he said didn't make her feel extraordinarily good about herself, she never would have let him in.

“Most of us with a magical ability fix our places up.” Hades pointed out as he looked around her rundown apartment.

“I'm only eighteen,” Hermione informed him as she ran to the back of the room and stuffed her bag under her bed.

“Ah, an underage, eh? I can fix it up for yah if yah'd like. Of course, there'd be a price.” He winked at her and she began to feel the same way as she did at the store. She blushed and began to fumble over her words.

“I – uh – have a, er, boyfriend...”

Splendid, Hermione! He is now the only person you know who thinks you're a complete idiot! She mentally scolded herself.

“Ah, sorry. Didn't mean anything by it. Just playin',” he said with another wink, but this time less seductive looking.

Utterly lost at a way to transition away from this topic, Hermione decided to ask how old he was.


“Twenty. Not too terribly new to doin' magic on my own, but it is still excitin' if yah know what I mean.” Hades said smoothly, letting his eyes scan the apartment again as he determined where to start.

“I can't imagine having to wait until I'm nineteen to do magic on my own,” Hermione added, hoping to keep their conversation going and stay away from any awkward silences.

“How old do you have to be back home?” he asked.


“This to the boyfriend then?” Hades asked, losing interest in their previous conversation and now focused on the parchment on the table she had left before taking a shower.

“Oh! Yes! I, er, got too hot before I was able to finish it,” Hermione said lamely, unsure as to why she informed him of that. He didn't really need to know why she stopped writing the letter. In fact, he probably didn't even care. More than likely he was beginning to get bored with her and trying to find an excuse to get out now.

“What's his name?”

“Ronald – Ron...” she answered quickly, her mind quickly going blurry.

“I could take him,” Hades grinned, looking right at her again.

“I – erm – What?” Hermione asked, confused as to what he could possibly mean.

“Only jokin'!' he forced a laugh from the back of his throat and Hermione laughed nervously with him.

“Oh,” she said, beginning to find his behavior extremely odd now.

“You're a pretty little thing when you blush. I'm not jokin'.” He then said, stepping closer to her and looking down at her. Hermione wasn't even aware that she had been blushing. Now that she thought about it, she could feel the heat on her face as he stepped even closer to her.

“Thanks,” she said without hesitation. She was fully aware that she wasn't acting like herself, and she was beginning to feel bad for Ron. She wanted him with her now more than anything. He would help her get rid of this man in her apartment. In fact, he would never have put up with the man buying her lingerie in the first place!

“I can see I'm makin' yah uncomfortable. I should go,” he said, his face entirely too close to her own. Again, Hermione hadn't even noticed his actions before he pointed out what was going on. She tried to find the words in her brain to assure him she was alright.

“I'm not uncomfortable! You can stay!” She slapped her hand over her mouth. Would she honestly be saying these things to a stranger she just met?

If they were bloody hot I would be. She answered herself.

Hades smirked and put his hand on the doorknob.

“Don't fret. I only live one floor up. From the looks of it, I may be exactly above this room. Feel free to drop by some time. It gets a bit... lonely up there.” He winked at her again before turning to make his leave.

“Don't you have a girlfriend?” Hermione blurted out before she could stop herself. She wanted more than anything for this man to leave, but she also had this burning desire for him to stay.

“Caught your fancy have I?” he asked, turning back around to look straight at her.

“No!” Hermione snapped, happy to gain some of her self control back. She couldn't help but feel that her behavior would hurt Ron if he ever found out what she was doing.

“No worries. Someone as ridiculously good looking as me doesn't have a girlfriend. Yet.” He added his last word with a sense of mystery in it. It was almost as if he were hinting something at Hermione, but she didn't know exactly what it was he meant. “Well, I better get going.”

“Wait!” Hermione said, again catching herself off guard. She wanted to slap her hands over her mouth and never let go until he left for real, but she decided not to make such a spectacle of herself and gain some of her self control back before she lost too much dignity. “Let me walk you out.” She finished lamely. He was already at the door, but that didn't stop her from coming over and opening it to show him his way out.

“Until next time, my dearest Hermione.” He bowed and took her hand, placing a small peck on the top of her hand before stepping outside of her apartment.

“Oh! Er, right. Hades,” was all she was able to get out before rudely shutting the door in his face. It wasn't until a good five minutes later was she able to sit down and think about everything that had just happened.

What in the hell just happened? She thought, slamming her hands against her head and pulling her hair back. A tear ran down her face as she looked at the letter before her and thought about Ron.

“Bloody hell!” she said, guilt sinking into her. She had no clue of what she just did. Was it technically cheating?

She decided to finish the letter tomorrow and go to bed to clear her mind. After a few more minutes she was able to think clearly on exactly what she thought of Hades and decided next time... Well, there wouldn't be a next time.


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