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Re: Australian Blur


Chapter Four


A few days had gone by and Hermione was finding her time in Australia to be much worse than she could ever imagine. With the creepy feeling she had toward Hades she steered clear of stepping out of her apartment unless she absolutely needed to. She finished Ron's letter, allowing herself to admit that she really did miss him and that a part of her wished that she would have allowed him to come, and sent it away with the request that he send her a picture of herself with a few alterations so she could give it to her mother and father. Of course, England and Australia are very far apart and it would take any owl a matter of days to deliver and receive a letter. She cursed silently at the fact that she couldn't just alter a picture herself because of the age restrictions.

Since she didn't take Hades' offer of friendship, her apartment was still grimy and terrible looking. Most days she just spent lying in her bed and looking out the window. It had a remarkable view for something so awful. She could see crowds of people when she looked down just walking around with shopping bags and sunglasses. Most of them had cell phones and were talking quickly while a few of the others were texting on them. Of course Hermione had no real need for a cell phone because none of her friends were Muggles, but getting one would probably be a good idea so her cover of Miss Hermione Greengrass would pass to both Dennis and Jean Granger. She wouldn't be surprised if they thought she was pulling their leg since she never gave them a number to contact her with. Then again, they never asked either.

While Hermione stared out the window, a small speck that vaguely resembled an owl flew straight for what looked like her window. Her suspicions were proved correct once the owl got closer and actually reached her window. She slid the window up to make an opening for the small owl. It was Pig who delivered what looked like three letters. No wonder it took so long to hear anything from them. It's been nearly a week and a half.

"Why didn't he just use the owl I sent?" she muttered to herself. Pig heard this a nipped her finger painfully. He must have thought Hermione wasn't grateful for his service. "Ouch! Pigwigeon!" She scolded, immediately drawing her finger to her mouth even though there was no blood. Hermione left the owl on her window seal and sat back in her bed to read her letters. Saving the best for last, she read Harry's first.

Hey Hermione,
How's Australia? I hope everything is going well with your parents. Ginny and I have had to stop Ron all week from leaving to visit you. We know how much you want to be alone right now. Ginny says hi by the way. Oh, never mind, she's gone off to write a letter to you herself. I just wanted to check up on you. Don't be a stranger.

Hermione was smiling by the time she reached the end of the letter. She set it aside and promised to reply to it as soon as she read the other two. The next one, of course, was from Ginny.

Hermione, I hope you opened my letter before Harry's! Or else we're not friends anymore! Okay, so I'm only joking...

The rest of the letter was very similar to Harry's and Hermione laughed as she set it on top of Harry's for the time being. Then, as though she were her twelve year old self again meeting Gildory Lockhart for the first time, she ripped open the letter from Ron.

Hermione, here's that picture you asked for. Mum had to do the alteration for me. How's Australia?

P.S - Sorry about sending Pig. The owl you sent was bloody tired at it's arrival and Mum is patching him up.

Hermione frowned as she finished the letter. She didn't know what she was expecting. It was just like Ron to send something so short. She dropped the letter in her crossed lap and examined the small still of her altered self. She was thankful Molly had thought to make the photo a still since Hermione had completely forgotten to mention it.

The picture showed Hermione with a tamer, more brushed look, and her skin was fairly darker and freckled. The picture was taken shortly after their return home so Molly probably didn't have to do much to the skin at all. Hermione's nose was also switched from the one she inherited from her father to one that slightly resembled her mother's more. Molly even went so far as to add two very prominent bucked teeth like Hermione had before the Yule Ball in fourth year. The picture definitely differed from her current resemblance, and despite how much she despised being reminded of her teeth, she loved every aspect of the picture. It was the key to getting her parents back. She held the small picture to her chest and a tear grazed down her cheek. Then, unexpectedly, there was a knock at her door.

"Who is it?" She asked, wiping the tear from her face and staring alarmingly at the door. A part of her hoped Harry and Ginny had failed and the reason Ron's reply was so vague was because he had come to see her.

"Hades," said the voice from the other side of the door.

Bullocks! she cursed to herself. Now he knows she's home. Why was he coming to bother her now? Since he left after the first time they met, he hadn't bothered to come to her apartment and she had done the same.

"I'm about to crawl into the shower," she lied quickly, shuddering at the thought of being sprayed by the disgusting water for a second time today.

"Again? I heard your shower running a half hour ago," said Hades, catching her in her lie. She forgot he lived directly above her.

"I was just, uh, checking to see if the water would clear up."

"For an hour?" Hades questioned, though she could tell he was losing patience. "Look, I only want to come in for a minute, yeah? I have something for you."

Hermione groaned and stood from her bed, squashing and dropping the letters as she did so. Once she reached the door, she placed her hand on the knob, took a deep breath, and then opened it.

"Hello, Hades," she greeted formally with a forced smile.

"I was beginning to think you didn't like me anymore," he said before sauntering past her and welcoming himself into her apartment. "I brought you a present." Sure enough, there was a bag in his now extended hand that read Victoria's Secret. Hermione started to feel a bit queasy as she reached for the bag but didn't bother to look inside.

"Thanks, but you didn't have to." She said as politely as she could.

"Well, aren't you going to open it?" Hades asked, seeming like an excited puppy more than anything.

"Oh. Right." Hermione looked at the bag uncomfortably before pulling at a visible hanger at the top of the bag. As the outfit connected to the hanger became visible, Hermione frowned and Hades helped himself into her bathroom. On the hanger was a very skimpy, very small, French maid lingerie outfit. Not very happy at all, Hermione threw it back in the bag and made her way to the bathroom herself. “What makes you think that is an appropriate gift to give to someone you hardly know?” She barked once she reached the door of her bathroom. She had caught Hades with his wand out and tinkering with her shower head silently before he turned and grinned at her.

“Your shower should be fixed now. No more brown water. I’ll have a look at the rest of the place, yeah?” He ignored her and then made to move past her. Hermione moved to the side and allowed for him to do so, but she was still upset.

“Hades, I expect an answer!” She demanded and pivoted on her foot to follow him.

“Relax, darlin’. It’s for the lad at home. I just thought you’d like to have a little variety.” He winked, but she couldn’t help but notice that same familiar glint in his eye like the one he had the first day she met him. Again she had to convince herself that it wasn’t really flames dancing in his eyes. It was a trick of the lighting. She felt herself relax more and decided to accept Hades’ gift. Even if she did find it very unfitting, the least she could do was drop it and offer him a cup of tea.

“Well, it’s definitely a bold gift. Would you like some tea?” She asked as she headed to the part of her flat that was supposed to be the kitchen. Hades chuckled and accepted her offer. To her surprise, when she turned the water on, it was clear as well. Apparently he messed with the whole tap system. She set the kettle on the cooker top and leaned against the wall, folding her arms.

“You look right crossed with me,” Hades said once he finished waving his wand around and fixing her place up, but a smile was still planted on his perfectly handsome face. She had to admit, it looked far better than it did before. Something she would almost be proud to live in.

“Why are you doing this?” She asked quickly, feeling her temper rise again. It was almost as if something about his presence made her absolutely bipolar. One minute she was afraid of him coming near her and angry at him for giving her inappropriate gifts, and the next she was forgiving him, only to be angry with him for being far too inappropriate again.

Hades swaggered toward her and she felt her body stiffen as he approached. She put her arms down and immediately backed into the wall. It was odd behavior for her, but he was so close and her wand was in her bag next to her bed. Since she didn’t need it, she found no use in carrying it around in case she accidentally grabbed it and conjured the simplest of spells.

“Well, I think it’s no secret that I like you, Hermione,” he said as he got closer. “What’s the harm in me being nice, eh?” When he spoke this time, he was right in front of her and had both arms on either side of her head. He was looking right into her eyes again, and this time she could really see that there was something different about his eyes. There were tiny little red and blue flames dancing in them, and she was absolutely memorized by them. The magic behind them, and the beautiful embers in themselves had her absolutely captivated. “You do appreciate my help, don’t you?”

“Y-yes!” She stammered, not able to look away from his eyes. He cocked his head and grinned. His perfectly straight, white teeth were showing and deep inside it reminded Hermione of an almost manic gesture. One of his arms left the side of her head and his hand reached into his pocket and pulled out a piece of crumpled parchment.

“Is this from him then?” He asked, flipping the letter she now recognised as the one she received from Ron in his hand so she could see Ron’s name. She wasn’t able to speak, however. Instead, she just nodded her head. She hadn’t even noticed that he picked the letter up.

“And these? Are these from you friends?” Hades asked, taking two other letters out of his pocket that belonged to Harry and Ginny. They were ripped and crumpled more than they were when she squashed them earlier. He must have just stuffed them in his pockets. Again, Hermione could only nod.

What’s happening to me? she wondered on the inside, and she could hear her usual cynical self on the inside. Why can’t I stand up for myself when I speak? She wondered again, but Hades put his other hand on her cheek and stroked it with his thumb and all reasonable thought left her mind.

“Have you written them back yet?” He asked, though this time Hades looked around the room instead of in her eyes for the answer. She knew what he was looking for. Pig. When she looked around him, there was no sign of Ron’s small owl. He must have flown off when Hades first arrived. Now she definitely won’t be able to reply until Ron sends her rented one back.

“N-no,” she stuttered in reply, but her voice was stronger and she could feel herself gaining control again. Hades turned on her and his eyes were full aglow with flame. The sight scared Hermione so incredibly that she screamed and only seconds after that tears were streaming down her face.

“Good.” He said, and out of the corner of her eye, she could see the letters turn to flame in his hand and he then dropped the ashy contents to the floor. Then, without warning, he began to lean forward and inched ever closer to her face. Hermione shut her eyes tight as tears fell but she couldn’t move. Then, just as his lips made contact with her cheek, the tea kettle began to whistle and she let out a little scream.


Hermione jerked out of her seat with a jolt and screamed. There were tears streaming down her face and she was shaking from head to toe. She looked around her apartment and noticed that it most definitely was clean, but there was no Hades. It was still day time, and her tea kettle was screaming on the cooker. She wiped the tears from her eyes and went to take the kettle off.

Was that all a dream? She wondered. If it was, it felt all too real.

She poured herself a cup and decided to sit back down in her bed. It was there that she noticed a letter sitting right on top of her duvet. She quickly grabbed at it in hopes that it all really was a dream and this was her letter from Ron. Her heart dropped and her hands and face went cold when she realised it wasn’t.

I came by to fix the apartment up for you. You seemed awfully tired so when you fell asleep I decided not to wake you. I put some tea on for you so you’d have something to wake up to. I hope you like the improvements!


“So he was in my apartment?” Hermione asked, this time aloud. She looked around again and noticed that there was no Victoria’s Secret bag, no Pig, and no letters from Ron or her friends. She had been having a nightmare about Hades while he was in her apartment. If Hermione believed anything about Divination, she would have taken this as a sign. But, as her very reasonable brain would have it, she was safe, and nothing had happened.


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