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Re: Do you remember memories in a pensieve?

Yes, I've always believed you can remember memories in a pensieve. This is how I think it works.

In your head, you have a memory. I imagine this as a cloudy swirly thing. For example, Snape's mudblood memory. This memory contains everything about that incident. When you put a memory in the pensieve, you are literally taking this cloudy thing out of your head. However, you still REMEMBER this memory and what happened in it, even though you don't have the actual cloudy thing (the memory) in your head anymore. Basically you are removing this memory and safeguarding it by putting it in the pensieve, where it cannot be forgotten and you visit it at your leisure.
Now, once that memory is removed from your head, it becomes impossible for someone using legilimency to try to view that thought. The cloudy thing is gone. The cloudy things are what people are looking at when they use legilimency. If the cloudy things are gone, the memory cannot be viewed by people outside the person. However, the person who the memory was from and who removed the memory CAN still remember it. It is simply the object of the memory (the cloudy thing) that has been removed.

Hm. I hope that makes sense. It does to me anyway.

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