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Re: Layers in fantastic beasts and where to find them

Originally Posted by Spirit View Post
And, if Graves is a supporter and friend of Grindelwald's, then Grindelwald may have impersonated Graves on more than just one occasion, perhaps with or without the knowledge of Graves. Grindelwald seemed to really know Credence. Maybe he's transformed into Graves to speak with Credence before.
Exactly. Credence had been raised to fear the consequences of magic, there is no way Grindelwald could have established that kind of trust and devotion in just a few hours. I'd say Graves was an alternate persona, given that that he used transfiguration to disguise himself, only that doesn't work with him being in prison, people who notice if a high Ministry official went missing. There definitely needed to be some prior plan in place, especially since Grindelwald is not from America, and would need to research how the American wizarding government works in order to pose as a high official.

Jo's usually careful about the details, so maybe there is more to this than we are seeing and it's not just an inconsistency.


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