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The Legend of Zelda

This is likely my all time long running game. I like tons of other games, but whenever the Zeldas hit the market I am first at the counter to buy.

So are there any other Zelda fans out there? Which was your favorite game? Which incarnation of Link did you like the most?

I really thought Twilight Princess rocked. I loved the visual and the capability of play. I beat it 99%(couldn't get all of those balloons on the canoe the 3rd time round for some reason, close but not...). I liked the incarnations of Ganon in the final battle scenes and also the horseback battles were kick.
But my all time favorite is still OOT. I've re-played the regular and master quest games so many times I have lost count. For some reason I never seem to tire of it (after pauses). I guess it was the time travel aspect that I dug most. I think I like the Master Quest more, it is a little easier because there are not so many constant molestations and also because you don't have to carry Ruto around in Jabu Jabu's Belly for the most part and that was the biggest pain in the regular game imo.

Well anyway, just to get started...


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