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Re: The Legend of Zelda

Originally Posted by snapegirl77 View Post
I love Zelda and have been the biggest Zelda geek since I was 9 years old! It's my favorite video game series. (My friends joke that Link is my boyfriend )

I think my favorite is OOT. But I really love them all for different reasons, it's hard to pick. The first one was so ground-breaking in so many ways. I played that game like mad and when I was a kid, I could beat the entire thing without stopping or dying.
I'm not sure with Link is my favorite, but the Wind Waker Link is cute. (The look on his face when his grandma gives him the Hero clothes is priceless ) I know Wind Waker's look isn't a big fan favorite, but I liked it.
I have Twilight Princess for the Wii. It's fun to use the remote like a sword, but I don't like how the fishing controls were set-up. It takes me forever to catch a fish. The Ganon battle was great and the use of the sword while riding horseback was a nice addition.
Has anyone heard System of a Down's Legend of Zelda song? It's really funny.
I dug Windwaker - 2nd time thru in pajamas
Actually it has one of my all time favorite Z tunes incorporated in the games - the music playing at Dragon Roost Island. I used to just warp there in between stuff to listen to the music. Another fav was 'calling the gods' I think it is called from Majora's - dang that was awesome when you come back down from the sky after defeating Ganon and that music starts up - it happens when they meet to support also - I loved that tune, made me feel like I was in the midst of a movie (course I was on my dad's supported big screen which made it rock even more - but I like the tune anyway.)

I don't have a Wii yet either, I am still on GC, but I love so many GC games I'm ok until they force me to buy it.

Oh and me - Dark Link all the way!


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