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Hogsmeade Demotion Policy

hogsmeade suspension policy

To coincide with the new warning system, there is now a formal policy in place for demotion from Hogsmeade, set out forthwith:

Members of Hogsmeade who break any of the rules on the forum will acquire a warning point like any other member. However, upon reaching 3 points, the member will be demoted from Hogsmeade and will have 1 point removed every 30 days, subjecting them to a 90 day suspension from the area. However, should they continue to acquire points for warnings, the suspension will extend.

If the staff feel that at any time the suspension is not suffice, we will make the removal permanent with no room for appeal. This action will be taken directly prior to a banning and will be seen as a last chance to remain on the site.

  • Hogsmeade members subject to suspension if they reach 3 warning points
  • Suspension will last for 90 days providing they do not acquire more warnings before then
  • Further warnings during 90 day suspension will result in permanent removal from Hogsmeade.
  • Upon 5 points being reached, member is banned automatically.

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