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Re: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Originally Posted by Sereena View Post
I definitely count myself among those who have lost trust in her. After her defense of Depp, I returned my Cursed Child for a full refund and never looked back. I won't be seeing the FB movies either, not that anyone (and least of all Rowling) cares. I wasn't excited about FB to being with, I didn't see the appeal other than nostalgia. But after she showed her true colors in these #metoo times and after the director's ridiculous statements about how more women would have come forward had the accusations been true, I was fed up.
Yeah. I was sorely disappointed, too.

So yeah, that casting was the last straw and when the interview about Dumbledore came out I honestly just laughed. Like what did the fans expect really? It's weird that some fans keep coming up with lame excuses like "well DD's sexuality isn't relevant to the plot". Are. you. kidding. me? The infatuation for Grindelwald is a huge part of why Dumbledore acted the way he did during his youth and why he didn't confront the man sooner. This isn't about LGBT representation, it's about not leaving out such an essential piece of information.
I know, it's a such a bitter contrast from her answering a fan question about his love life and saying he was gay - at a time before marriage equality and in the face of a sizable backlash - if you remember, even on CoS homosexuality was a banned topic because it was considered not family friendly then. And now this. It hurts when your idols let you down (JKR used to be progressive, I remember her article on taxes and social services, among other things), that's why it's best not to have any. I think the issue with Dumbledore not being explicitly gay was about money - they'd lose conservative parents in the US and possibly other parts of the world if they had a gay theme in a kids'movie. Which makes it even worse because anyone who concedes their principles for money didn't really have any in the first place, especially if they're already rich.

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