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Re: Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

A fuller non-spoilery review of my thoughts on Crimes of Grindelwald:

A good movie in and of itself, but disappointing as an extension of Wizarding World canon. Good performances by the leading characters, and enjoyable storylines for most of them. Unfortunately, there were so many characters and so many concurrent and competing storylines that it was hard to keep up at times or feel invested in any one story. JKR writing for the screen seems to forget it’s not a book and that we don’t have knowledge of an underlying book to rely upon. As a whole, the film was a lot of filler and setup for the next 3 in the series. It was visually appealing with some good action sequences, cool fantastic beasts, and fun magic, but there wasn’t a feeling of immersion in the Wizarding World. There was also a lot of seeming lip service to casual fans, forcing of the fantastic beasts theme, and heavy-handed plot development. It’s good to have Eddie Redmayne/Newt anchor this film because otherwise it would get lost and impersonal really quickly. But he's beginning to stick out as a bit of a hanger-on to characters more relevant to the over-arching story JKR seems to be telling. Overall, I’d give it a 7. I was wholly satisfied while watching it, but I had to set aside my Harry Potter canon hat and just enjoy it for what it is – an engaging story set in at least an approximation of the Harry Potter Wizarding World. I see the FB series as really a continuation of the David Yates HP films rather than JKR's Wizarding World created by the original 7 books.

Originally Posted by whizbang121 View Post
Would love to find an in depth discussion of FB under spoiler alerts. Can anyone direct me?
I can't find an old school forum actively discussing this. Most discussions nowadays seem to be on reddit, comments sections of certain websites, or comments and discussion groups on Facebook. Others can chime in if they know of others, but the closest I've been able to find are:

Crimes of Grindelwald official reddit subforum (NOTE: there are no spoiler tags here - assume every comment is spoilery)

Fandom Chat: Hosted By Facebook group (NOTE: there are no spoiler tags here - assume every post/comment is spoilery. You have to request to join this private group.)

Spoiler: show
Originally Posted by HedwigOwl
It was during the hand-off of Grindelwald at the U.S. Ministry before taking him out of his cell. The British rep makes a comment about his looking so bad, and the U.S. rep said that they "threw everything we had at him, we had to he was so powerful".
Okay, that makes sense. I interpreted that scene as the rep just seeing how strongly he was protected, rather than a comment his decrepit appearance. From the script:
Crimes of Grindelwald Screenplay, Scene 3As they reach the door, ABERNATHY turns and acknowledges them.

President Picquery, Mr. Spielman, sir. Prisoner is secured and ready to travel.

SPIELMAN and PICQUERY peer into the cell at GRINDELWALD.

You’ve thrown everything at him, I see.

It was necessary. He’s extremely powerful. We’ve had to change his guard three times—he’s very . . . persuasive. So we removed his tongue.

In the script, at least (there are differences from the final film dialogue), Spielman makes no mention of Grindelwald's appearance, though his comment could certainly be in response to it. And while that may be the case, I don't think we ever got confirmation for why Grindelwald is so pale and has heterochromia (something that was true in FB1 before being tortured). So I guess the jury could still be out that it could be the effect of having a Horcrux.

I still have to condense all my spoilery thoughts, so will follow up with those soon.

For now, a teaser: was the murder of the Parisian Muggle baby necessary? Sure, it showed that Grindelwald was a big baddy and drew parallels between Voldemort trying to kill Harry and Grindelwald (or his lackey) successfully doing so here. But was it gratuitous infanticide?


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