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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

Originally Posted by jeffski View Post
I was fine with the movie until dumbledore apparated out of hogwarts.It kinda made the whole scene of harry chasing snape because he murdered dumbledore, pointless. It is too big a clue that dumbledore LET himself be killed. He obviously could have apparated away from snape , bellatrix. or whoever else. Harry heard albus say "being me has certain priveleges"., harry has got to be wondering why albus did not apparate. Harry's a bright boy, he should have been able to figure that out. But alas, he didnt, and Thank god! Knowing that snape didnt actually "murder" dumbledore, would kinda ruin the plot of the next 2 movies. Ignorance is bliss.

I think the screen writers made an awful choice.
That's interesting. Here are my thoughts on this:

In the screenplay Harry asked if Dumbledore was praying, but he answered he was closing the window that allowed them to apparate within Hogwarts.This was apparently cut. To me it's not a problem in the film. Harry probably felt too stressed in the situation to to think that apparation could save Dumbledore and didn't consider it as an option afterwards because he was angry on Snape. It's not sure the possibility even crossed the minds of the non-readers. If it did they might assume Dumbledore was too weak to apparate or needed his wand to do it or they might think it wasn't necessary because Dumbledore thought Snape was there to save him. I am sure some non-readers figured out that Dumbledore's death was planned and Snape is on the good side since the film gave away some clues. But they can still be tricked seeing how Snape pretends to be a Death Eater in the Deathly Hallows 1 and in the beginning of part 2

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