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Re: Polyjuice actors

Major credit to all of these actors because it can't be easy to portray your character as someone else playing your character- and all succeeded in being convincing.

I think O'Hara, Thompson, and Rhodri were brilliant! You could definitely see Dan's Harry, Emma's Hermione, and Rupert's Ron in each of them- as opposed to them just playing Harry, Ron, and Hermione as their own. O'Hara even got Dan's walk! I think it was even harder for them because the characters the trio were impersonating were ones we've never seen before so they had no idea how to act as Runcorn, Malfalda, and Cattermole, as compared to Waylett and Herman who had a better idea of Harry and Ron's characters.

Helena was fantastic as Hermione-Bellatrix. Her expressions were spot-on and I too love the touch of not being able to walk in the heels. She was so convincing, you'd think they just did a really good make-up job on Emma!

And Dan deserves major kudos because he played more than character and even though it was one short scene, he studied each person long and hard to get their mannerisms and such.

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