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Re: Project Runway - All Stars

It was a good first episode, that's for sure. I was particularly excited to see Austin Scarlett back - though I wish they had brought back Jay McCarroll with him. I know he won his season and they didn't bring back winners, but still.

I love Joanna Coles. It would have been annoying if they brought in a mentor too similar to Tim, and I love JC's unflinching ice-queenery.

Rami and Mondo were clearly ahead of the pack this episode. Both of their inspiration outfits were far and away the best in terms of construction/execution, and the same went for their runway pieces.

I loved Jerrel in his season for his firm anti-Kenley stance, and I'm glad his outfits were pretty good this episode. The first dress was very Jerrel...Jerrell? Two ls or one l? His runway dress, while not as stellar as Mondo's and Rami's, was really quite pretty.

Side note - I noticed the host didn't warn them against using fabric-like materials when she gave them the challenge, so I guess the judges don't care so much about that this time around?

Michael C and April both made mop dresses, and I can't help but be annoyed that both of them thought mops would look AH-MAZING on the runway, because neither of them were very good. Not bottom 3 caliber maybe, but not good. Kudos to them for being the most non-fabricy of the bunch, but mops? Yuck.

April's original design was quite bland. I vaguely remember her being averse to colors, so I guess the hasn't changed.

I knew Mila's original dress was hers before they even showed her name/played her voiceover. While I appreciate being able to name the designer just from the garment (same thing happened with Mondo's and Jerrel(l)'s original dress), I feel like Mila's is a little too one-note. She needs to do something else.

Sweet P, I thought, was a questionable choice to be an all-star. The fans liked her and she's a nice lady, but she was never at the head of the pack on her season. Her runway piece kind of reflected that, I thought. Not good.

Elisa's original design wasn't bad. The dress was quite flattering and the wings were okay. Her runway piece, though, was just kind of...horrible. The wings were no longer okay, and the judges were right when they said the garment shouldn't need a five-minute explanation from the designer in order to make sense.

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I'm glad Elisa was eliminated. I thought she should have been first-off on her original season and was only kept around too make "interesting" TV, and I'm glad the judges didn't pull that again. Sweet P's dress was just as bad as Elisa's, but I'm glad they kept her. She really is a cool lady, and Elisa's clothes are just too weird for my taste.

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