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Re: Stephenie Meyers' The Host

The Host - 8/10

Wow, I am totally shocked. I actually loved the movie! The story was great, much easier to follow than the book, even though I do like the book. The acting was great, especially with Saoirse Ronan (who was amazing in her role!) and the other main actors. There was some good dialogue, and a bit of iffy dialogue here and there.

However, I wish there was a bit more action. The villain isn't as menacing as she is in the book, she is almost tame. Defeating her was a bit too easy. Also, there was probably a bit too much romance and a bit too much kissing that it made it silly. I understand what they were doing, and the end factor was okay, but getting there was a bit odd. But that is the story and Stephenie Meyer for you.

One of my favorite parts about the book and the movie as well is the ending scene, and how it introduces the possibility -- and probability -- of a sequel. How it fleshes out into more than just the little story and brings more to it.

I'll definitely watch it again.

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