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Re: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Reviews

I voted Outstanding, because not since Book 3, the graveyard scene in Book 4, and Book 5 have I actually had a book send so many chills down my spine while simultaneously making me want to cheer, weep and giggle (I did plenty of all three).
I have yet to re-read it, but I honestly LOVED the chapter titled The Battle of Hogwarts. The idea of the school in this giant, epic battle to defend itself and Harry was something I found breathtaking, and if Jo Rowling was standing in front of me, I'd take my hat off to her for it, as also for The Prince's Tale. I remember, when OotP came out, saying that I loved it because it was told on such an epic scale- and if anything, Deathly Hallows is even huger. The comparisons to Nazi Germany, in fact to racial intolerance of all kinds, got even clearer with the rounding-up and interrogation of Muggle-borns, and I'm fairly sure it was no coincidence that the Minister for Magic had the same first name as the Pope who reigned between 1939 and 1958 and refused to publicly denounce the Nazi actions of World War II...
It wasn't exactly lacking in the little pleasures either.... I for one found it supremely amusing when Harry told Krum Ginny was seeing a big, jealous bloke when Ginny coughed at the sight of Gabrielle trying to flirt with Harry, and when she told Luna to take him to the Ravenclaw common room to circumvent Cho taking him there alone...
As for Dumbledore, Harry's resurrection (for lack of a better word) and the other deaths, I think I shall talk about that later, though Kreacher's narrration of his own scene in the cave was horrifying- I was shaking when I read it and can't believe too many people would find the idea of that level of abuse as repugnant as I did.
I think my staying off book-related discussions for a few months actually helped in this reading experience, because the Snape/Lily angle, and Harry being a Horcrux, were ideas that people here have been speculating about for years (in the former case, the theory has been around since CoS opened) and not having them fixed in my head as possibilities even if I was aware of them was perfectly fine.

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