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Re: Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Reviews

This is an awesome book and I voted it Outstanding.

I couldnt put it down as the pace, the twists and turns, the quest to find the remaining horcruxes and the amount of different locations the trio found themselves in were gripping.

I was crying, exclaiming in surprise at certain points and had my heart in my mouth during the tense scenes.

It seemed as though the last 6 years at school was to help the trio get to this point. They had so much freedom apparating from place to place that it was hard to believe that they had only just came of age.

From the moment Harry left Privet Drive my mind was absorbed in what he was doing, the clues he was following and whether he would be able to stop Voldemort.

I want to go back to the earlier books to see if I can pick up the clues, now that I know what happens.

There are some shortcomings of the book (eg the sword being in the sorting hat) but I think Jo did well to stick to the plot she had created right at the start and wrap things up.

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