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Re: Pitchside: Halftime Chat v.40

Originally Posted by DragonVine View Post

Still alive. No longer in university (as of May, having graduated with my 3rd degree). Still crazy Batman fan. Also, for Riku and Duck:

Want to keep in touch with me?

Oh Zeelee, I'm answering this 2 years late hahaha. Theology! I hope whatever you decided to do with school went well!
Do I have like a weird six sense or something? I haven't checked this forum in ages and look a wild DV appeared!

I recently graduated with my B.A. in anthropology and English about a month ago. Taking a break from school before I go any further. I'm on a job hunt now though so... I am so bored, guys. I miss getting worked to death by school.

Followed you on Twitter, DV. Here's my account if anyone wants to keep in touch with me:

Duck! If you still pop on from time to time - I hope married life is treating you well. I hope life, in general, is treating you well.

I miss all of you. Everyone, please have a happy fall!

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