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in the unlikley event that we do guess the title right i would say

1) obviously it would be harry potter and the _________ something theres a Quate somewhere if i can find it

2)it would be highly unlikly that it would be a title refering to a charcter we havent met so if its a charcter related title the best bet would be a name for voldemort , i like the "Harry Potter and the last riddle "silk you're right , this would be just the sort of title jk would give us

3) a location would be a poor choice since in book 7 harry will be running around the entire globe looking for horcruxses so we will definetly be seeing many new (or possiably one or two femaliar)locations , i thought the name of the location of where harry and voldemort will finally have the last battle but it seems somethng too good to give away in the title

4)an object is the biggest possabilty coz of the whole horcrux quest thing

5)the title never has hard to prononce words so that rules out horcruxes (trust me its hard to prononce ) so that would mean no quest or serch or ...whatever for the horcruxes

6) anything to do about the four founders seems pretty logical at the moment

thats all i got for now


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