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Lily woke up on Sunday quite early and got up, looking in the mirror. Her hair was bushy as not combed for a month. No wonder: it was curly now. “Snape’s work”, she grinned and woke up the two friends up by loud yawning.
“Whazzup?”, Terra murmured, “No, mum, please, let me sleep”.
“There’s no mum here, you crazy!”, Lily laughed and opened a window because she saw Terra’s brown owl.
“Hey, Terra, get up! Sirius’s here!!!”, she yelled and Terra got up at once, her eyes tired of sleeping, “Sirius? Here? Now? I’m not dressed yet!”, she panicked, her eyes half open, searching for a skirt and a blouse in a blind hurry.
“Relax, I was joking”, Lily said and Angela giggled, awoken. “But you can dress now, we’re having breakfast soon. And read a letter, Cutie brought it to you”.
“I’ll kill you one day, I promise!”, said Terra angrily, “I really thought that Sirius was here and - ”
“Not that night”, Angela laughed, “But maybe some day... you’ll have to use a Love Potion because he seems not to notice you”
“Don’t even remind me about it!”, said Terra furiously, “I spent one hour yesterday trying to conjure redder lips and darker hair without any results. All hope lays in Snape and you, Lily”, she said seriously and the three girls started to laugh. They woke up half the students sleeping in the girls dormitory.

The breakfast was delicious as ever. Students were eating, talking about the yesterday’s Quidditch match and their past, present and future homework. Everything was as it used to be until Professor Dumbledore announced that he wanted to say something very important.
“You have no idea how sorry I feel that I must stop these funny talks and turn them into less funny ones”, Dumbledore said loudly, looking at his students throughout his half- mooned spectacles, “But I have something really important to tell you. Your friends, Marlene McKinnon and Gloria Maas had to leave Hogwarts this morning. Their closest family had been murdered”.
Shocked whispers filled the hall; students were looking at Dumbledore in disbelief. A small girl from Hufflepuff and a fifth-year one from Ravenclaw started crying. Some of the Slytherins looked glad, though. Lily noticed a satisfied smile on Bellatrix’s face.
“Therefore I must warn you once again: You mustn’t leave Hogwarts in any case. There are mortal dangers waiting outside the Hogwarts grounds. Hogwarts is well protected by my enchantments but-“ Dumbledore paused for a while, “You’ll never know whom the Death Eaters can choose as a next victim. Thank you for your attention”.
When Lily filled her “Dream Diary” with all her latest dreams (only half of them was true as she didn’t want to reveal the embarrassing truth in front of Professor Oracula alias Lunatic), wrote an essay for Potions, Transfiguration and Defense Against The Dark Arts, won a battle with her two friends outside using the snow balls, she went out of the common room to meet Snape in the dungeons. She was wondering if she pointed out the proper ways of distinction of the wand movements between the Shield Charm and the Patronus one. She had already accepted that her Felix potion was stolen as she knew she had no chance to prove that Bellatrix was the thief. She came into the classroom in the dungeons, which was as dark as ever and saw Severus Snape sitting on the chair with his long thin legs on the desk.
“Hi, Evans”, he said and got up in a one very quick, fluid move, “I’ve been waiting for you”.
“I’m sorry I’m a bit late, that’s because of the homework for Oracula”, she sighed deeply, “I just hate when I have to write the stupid true dreams and none of the predictions I make using clues from the textbook fulfills!”
“Divination is an unbelievably subject when taught by an incompetent teacher”, Severus agreed, “And she’s one. I’m sure that there are some– ah –pretty believable prophets, but they are as rare as a Death Eater who doesn’t kill”.
“While we’re talking about the Death Eaters... what you Slytherins think about the last murders, I wonder”, Lily asked bitterly, “You must have been celebrating...”
“Some of us were celebrating, indeed”, Snape said slowly, “But some weren’t. These who hate Mudbloods have a real fun every time a Mudblood is killed, but some...a minority...”
“I just can’t understand all this thinking”, Lily said angrily, “Do we- like you say- Mudbloods, deserve death because we were born in non-magical families? It’s stupid, forgive me!”
Severus sighed and answered: “You don’t have to apologize, I’m not a pure blood but a half-blood... “
“So do you agree that you’re worse than they?”, Lily asked, shaking her head in disbelief.
“Maybe I am...”, Severus looked a bit unsure, “Oh, it’s hard to explain to a saint Griffindor”, he smiled, his lips curled, “What do you want me to teach you?”
“Well, I have a Love Potion request from one of my mates”, Lily grinned, “But tell me what more interesting can we do?”
‘I’ve invented a charm which makes other people, someone who stands close to you, not to hear what you are saying”, Severus said, straightening his chest, “Let’s try it!”
Lily was a fast learner and even managed to made Severus not to hear when she was saying quite loudly: “Bellatrix is a pig!”. It took them only about half an hour to learn it and then Lily decided to show Snape how to brew an Inflating potion. He lit the fire under his cauldron and started preparing all the ingredients needed. Lily was looking at him doing this and she suddenly thought:
“He has beautiful hands. Slim, long fingers and pretty shaped nails. They look so... how’s it like to be touched by them?” and blushed.
It was... strange. Severus wasn’t pretty at all in general, “But he does have some interesting features...”, a voice in her head which was quiet at first, sounded a bit louder, “He’s a Slytherin... So what he is? He’s intelligent, has a sharp sense of humour...”, the voice continued, “No!”, she decided, “No!”
Lily’s fallen in love once so far. Nobody of her friends would guess who it was, because the person she fancied as a twelve-year-old wasn’t much liked by her now. Or maybe it wasn’t exactly like this that she didn’t like him at all. It’s just... James Potter seemed like a hero to her when she was younger. She was few years older now and noticed some features of character in James which really got on her nerves. No, not James Potter, that putting on airs boy who was always self-content. No way!
Snape glanced at her and asked: “Evans?”
She looked at him absent-mindedly and said: “OK. I’ll give you my own inflating recipe. Don’t look exactly at what’s written in this book, this guy who wrote it was good at potions but lacked a bit of... let’s say... imagination. It’s written: when you put all the three ingredients into the cauldron, stir them 6 times anti-clockwise, but- if you stir them only 5 times, the consistency will be a bit thicker, what means that after adding the next ingredients and stirring them one time less, you’ll get a thicker potion and a stronger effect. Also, if you put a bit of this herb, let’s say half of a spoon, it will make a person inflate right in all parts of the body”.
Snape was following her instructions carefully, without speaking a word, careful not to mess up something. The result of his work was excellent, the potion shimmered lightly blue in the darkness. Suddenly he said:
“It could be even better if you put there one pinch of sea weed, don’t you think? It would be able to inflate the person so that his skin wouldn’t be too tight...”
“An excellent idea!”, Lily clapped her hands, agitated, “You know what? We both understand ourselves in Potions very well”.
“Yeah, you’re right”, Snape agreed, Lily giggled and then they both looked at themselves, “Many Slytherins don’t appreciate your talent, Lily...”, he said and suddenly his hand touched hers. Lily shivered and looked at his hand feeling surprisingly happy deep inside of her. Then she looked at Severus. He didn’t take his hand away, kept it for a moment and then said:
“I think I’ll write the recipe in my Potions book. Let’s see... Inflating potion... page two hundred and fifty-four... So five times instead of six, a chamomile and a pinch of sea weed”, his writing was cramped and small, “Are we meeting next Sunday?”
“Yes, it will be the last Sunday before Christmas”, Lily answered happily, “I’ll see my parents and my sister! Are you going home for Christmas, Severus?”
“Yes”, he nodded and his eyes became like dark tunnels. Lily hadn’t seen him looking like that: a dark-haired thin boy with a painful look on his face. She knew what caused this pain and wanted to ease it. His home... Severus seemed so sad and lonely: it was heartbreaking feeling to see him like that.
“We can meet to chat a bit if you want. At home, I mean”, she said, sounding embarrassed, “Would you?’
Snape nodded, poured the potion they made into a big bottle, packed his bag and went out of the classroom.

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