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Re: Teeter Totter (has nothing to do with playgrounds :p)

Part 3: Breaking Death's Grasp

Chapter 10: Home?

"Tell me the truth about how you feel about the girl."

"No!" Acera said too quickly. "Of course not!"

The voice laughed, a booming basso sound. It was the kind of laugh you expected from "strong but loving" fathers listening to their children's talk about their day, or maybe some kindly uncle. But there was just something about it that put it off, as if the warmth and humor had all been removed.

"You don't lie to the Shadows," he snarled. "You think of her as a substitute for the child you lost when you were young. Love and caring is for the weak. It prevents you from doing what you need to do, which is what is happening right now."

"This isn't-" she began.

"I expect it to stop," he said, smoothly cutting her off. "I know your listening Aurelie."

I hesitated slightly, deciding whether I should make a break for it, but my trembling fingers pushed open the door.

The Shadows seemed to smother the light from the blue lights blazing in the glass spiral, and with it, my ability to think clearly. A solid mass of black in the shape of a large man stood in the center, surrounded by black mist. As I entered, the mist, the Shadows, seemed to swirl around me, removing all warmth in the air.

"Aurelie," he said, a solid hand-like shadow touching my shoulder. I suppressed a gasp of surprise at the sheer frigidity of it.

I could feel myself growing tired and weak, and I struggled to keep my face straight and my body from shaking.

"Strong," he murmured, and suddenly, strength flooded my body again. "Or perhaps proud, foolishly so." He laughed again, and I could see Acera recoil from the corner of my eye.

"Do you wish to know what Acera believes you are too weak for?"

I nodded, still feeling shaky.

"Do you believe in an afterlife child?"

"I'm not sure," I said, trying to inject strength and volume into my voice, but it still sounded timid and small. "I believe it could exist but it might not."

"A soul contains energy," he said. "And that energy attaches it to a body and a life. When someone dies, where do you think all that energy goes?"

I shrugged, "it could be absorbed back into the Earth, given to new lives, spread out into existing souls, or exist as a spirit or ghost of some kind."

"Some souls behave like that, but most go to an afterlife, another universe solely for the deceased. It's usually inaccessible but with enough magic and sorcerers, we can open a gateway into the world and capture the energy from the souls."

Mixed thoughts suddenly sprang up. Most of me seemed to believe disturbing the dead was an awful thing to do, but some of me thought it was absolutely fascinating in all its dark glory.

"To do so would mean infinite power. Dead souls have much more easily releasable power, and are easier to claim. And everyone dies, and that power could be used for all eternity. The power you have experienced in the past few months is simply a taste of what it can be."

Suddenly, the shadows enveloped me in total darkness, and quite suddenly again, I felt...


Everything seemed darker, shadows became more solid and darker. Acera was the darkest of them, but with a miniscule flicker of light on her chest.

And I felt powerful and great. Anything dark was mine, my energy, my power. Not all of it was directly at my disposal, but all under my influence.

And I became myself again, but my surroundings seemed the same. I still saw things as if I were the Shadows, but the power he had had left me.

"I see how much negative is in all," a deadly voice said. A man, a regular man appeared next to me. We both looked completely normal and human. Or at least I think I did, but he looked no more evil than an average mortal murderer."


"Why did I do this? Partly because I wanted you to see how I looked before I became the Shadows and partly because I wanted you to see things for what they are."

Besides how he held himself and the expression on his face, he looked well...average. He had average shaped eyes, average length and colored hair, average height. Everything was average, except for the black fire that seemed to burn in his pupils. He looked like he was in his late twenties or early thirties. He didn't look like someone you expected to be a super-villain, more like an extra in a movie.

"Do you know why Acera cares for you so much?" he asked quietly.

"No," I wasn't even aware that she cared much at all.

"Acera had a child before she even discovered shadowmagic, maybe 7 or 8 centuries ago. But at three months, as she and her husband had been walking on the street, her husband, who had been carrying the baby at the time, had been crushed by a horse. Both suffered extensive wounds and later, both died. She did have regular magic back then, and the shock of it disabled her powers for an entire day, and by then, all the magic in the world couldn't heal them.

"I believe that mothers, possibly even regular mothers, can sense their children's auras, and your aura must remind her of her lost child."

"She doesn't remind me of the motherly type."

"Well, it's been a while and she's a good actress, but I believe you're making her crack," he chuckled. "I know I told her to get rid of that tiny speck of light in her heart, but I doubt she'll ever succeed. If I thought she could, I wouldn't acknowledge it. Regular magic doesn't hurt shadowsorcerers, but it supplements their magic and gives them access to different powers."

"Why do we need it?"

"Have you ever noticed how there are servants in the palace?"


"Do you know why?"

"Not particularly."

"Some shadowsorcerers became so black that they lost control of their magic. It has nothing to do with strength and some see it as a cause for celebration, but it is highly inconvenient. Now look at you."

I looked down at my body and withheld a gasp of surprise. It had become jet black but sprinkled with what looked like glitter and small patches of a silvery-gold color in what looked kind of like ketchup stains. My right hand was jet black, but my other was completely covered in the gold.

"Do you know why that is?" he asked.

I shook my head.

"There are so many exceptions to your character," he said simply.

"What about my hands?"

"Shadowmagic may be second nature to you, but you still use regular magic regularly, no pun intended. So are you willing to join me?"

Well...did I? If I decided that it was too much, could I opt out? And either way, this was much worse than killing or hurting. What he wanted to do was much worse than that. What he wanted to do was to permanently destroy people's souls and the beautiful individuality and power each of them had accumulated over the years, and in some cases, millennia.

Seeming to sense my insecurities, he said "You can leave if you feel like you can't do it. Darius should've been able to, but you're young and I wouldn't expect too much from you."

Well, I could figure it out later, I suppose. Taking a deep breath, I said "Yes, I'll do it."

As I said those words, I could practically feel the mad delight the Shadows suddenly had and I saw the look of pure horror twist Acera's features as I was released by the Shadows' power.

She seemed to be immersed in silent fear, with her mouth open and eyes wide. The regular black in her eyes had suddenly turned brown and she seemed human.

"You don't need to be much stronger to attempt the spell, but you will need to be less wasteful. The only reason why younger shadowsorcerers at the height of their power still become worn performing spells that require a lot of energy." While he spoke, a shadow crept over to be absorbed into the rest of my aura. I could myself become instantly stronger as my own power absorbed it. "Also, can you clone yourself?"

"Kind of, why?"

"Clone yourself and have your clone replace you. I don't want you wasting energy on something as trivial as school."

"What about Acera?"

"Your jobs are different, and yours is the most important, dangerous and energy consuming. I will teach you how to perform the spells and we will be able to practice here once the other two shadowsorcerers come."


"The spell requires five vessels for the magic. Darius was originally going to be in your place because he was the best at regular magic out of all the shadowsorcerers. Now clone yourself and get to sleep. Training begins tomorrow."

I nodded once and teleported upstairs.


There are two types of clones. One is simple and pure energy in a human shell, the type created by shadowmagic, like the Shadows I suppose. This kind is much simpler to make but far more energy consuming because you actually have to give it fuel for the entire duration of time it replaces you. I suppose it's the price for laziness. What you do is cut off a portion of your aura and add energy to it until it the outside is solid, which you can then "mold" into a human form.

The other is much harder to create but less energy consuming. It's like creating a new life. You have to really understand the basics of human anatomy to make it work. I had never mastered this technique but seeing that I needed the clone to last for more than a few hours, better late than never.

I sat down in the very center of the room and closed my eyes. It was my hope that I could combined the two methods so I wouldn't have to carefully sculpt out every tiny detail of my body. Magic has a tendency to want to become what it's like in nature so in method two I wouldn't have to worry about the structure of DNA or my cells or even my capillaries but it still meant I had to memorize all of my veins and arteries, bones and muscles, and my organs worked and fit together. Not to mention I would have to consciously think about what kind of person I am and that kind of thing. So what I was going to do was think about the basics of my body and use my aura as a sort of blueprint for everything.

Energy buzzed around me, pulsing from the tiny sources of life in the plants and small animals around me. I reached out to the centers of life to take their energy. Normally, these miniscule sources of energy were useless, but when multiplied like this and in a magically enhanced environment, it was certainly enough to pull this off, though I wonder if it would be better to go outside instead, where it was teeming with plant and animal life. Even without the extra free flowing magic, it was still quite a lot of power. The problem with the forest was that it was in an open environment and unlike an enclosed room, it was harder to grasp the magic.

As I pulled the energy toward me, I felt the temporary thrill of immense power. But I allowed it to flow into the empty space around me. Along with the energy, a small portion of my aura flowed in as well. At the same time, I had to concentrate on solidifying the shapeless energy into the skeleton of a human, and then the flesh, using my own aura to guide me.

Beads of sweat formed during my concentration, from the immense effort of channeling the energy. As I worked, I could see the air solidifying into living flesh and bone.

What resulted out of my tinkering was quite frightening actually.

It was me, no doubt about that, but my features had gained an ethereal cold beauty. the clone was absolutely breathtaking, in a warrior princess covered in blood kind of way. Well, at least I know I'm beautiful on the inside...

This meant way more work for me. I spent the better part of the next hour trying to make the features look more like mine. It still didn't look identical to me, but the difference was almost unnoticeable now.

I willed a large prick of magic into my double, along with a bit of my aura. The great thing about transferring your aura is that you always feel the other part and are connected, so you know what's going on at all times and when necessary, you can control it.

"See you later," my double said, waving as she exited the room.

I lay down on the grass, breathing in the scent of fresh air passing through the charmed glass.

Although most of the energy came from the environment, I still felt exhausted and promptly fell asleep, ignoring the shadows and light dancing all around me.


I didn't fall into deep sleep that night. I don't know why it didn't hit me earlier, but every shadow and sliver of darkness could hide a portion of him, spying on me. It was such a strange feeling, as if I were being stalked somehow.

After a short nap, I had gone back down to find myself being directed through another door into a small bedroom. During the middle of the night, a dark form coalesced from the shadows to sit on the edge of my bed.

"Really," he had said, "You need to get some sleep if you want to have your full power tomorrow."

"What do you mean tomorrow? It's practically morning already."

"We're not starting in the morning. We start when the sun goes down and when dark magic starts to grow. Get some sleep."

A shadow patted my hand and the dark figure dissipated. I shivered slightly at the cold but somehow pleasant feeling it gave me.

Unconsciousness ensued.

I want to do a chapter a day, but that's probably not going to happen since i have my summer reading books to read . And I believe this officially marks the halfway point, 11 more chapters to go .

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